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To further explore this idea, consider the website Fundraising Scripts, a service offering both custom and template design solutions for portal creation. Those unfamiliar with webwork will rejoice to find detailed, affordable packages ready-to-go, thus eliminating the trial and error involved in po Read More
The crowdfunding market is becoming increasingly full as more artists, entrepreneurs and creators are looking to these platforms to fund upcoming projects. In an industry that has grown rapidly and continues to do so, it seems the biggest name is the arena may be feeling as though they’re missing o Read More
MyHigh.St is looking to tackle a problem faced by retailers across the globe, although their main focus is currently in the United Kingdom. The company’s primary goal is to provide solutions and service that targets challenges faced by autonomous retailers trading online. Read More
There is a misconception regarding the collection of funds. Crowdfunding is done either by yourself or partnered. Most of the time several crowdfunders succeed by campaigning alone, but a strong management team is always a treasure. In a survey according to Indie Go Go, it was found out that team b Read More
It’s been a while since we last featured real estate crowdfunding. In that time, this section of the industry has truly bloomed. To learn more about this trend, revisit our article entitled Revolutionizing Real Estate through Crowdfunding, or peruse a few of our suggested real estate crowdfunding p Read More
Obscurity – it can work both for and against your project. Not in market approach or concept, but rather in title. Sometimes the unknown attracts by pulling at our curiosities, while at other times it simply pushes us away. Read More
Most of the companies succeed when they tell their story in a proper way. Since, it’s a human instinct to fail first then think. Hence, it becomes important that the story you tell must have emotional factor. Read More
Crowdfunding innovation is developing everyday, but now there is a new way businesses can leverage the technology – internal employee crowdfunding. Many large companies battle with increasing employee engagement across departments. Read More
Most minds jump to donation-based crowdfunding when someone mentions “non-profit,” yet such campaigns can also use rewards-based crowdfunding to raise awareness and funds successfully. Choosing one model over the other, however, comes down to need. To attract supporters, does your non-profit campai Read More
The first introduction I had to Social Media in a business context, was social media marketing along with inbound marketing, which were new concepts to myself, however this made sense to me in a vague way. I began to use social media as a marketing tool and soon realized the value it had brought to Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!