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In 2011, Seth Quest raised $35,000 via Kickstarter for his product the “Hanfree,” an intelligently designed hands-free iPad stand. Unfortunately, in the campaign’s aftermath, something went wrong. Quest could not create his product nor ship the incentives, leaving one backer, Neil Singh, who donate Read More
Firstly, as a word of warning, be wary of third-party crowdfunding promotion services. Paying a few hundred dollars for a “guaranteed” success sounds suspect most likely because it is. When campaigns fall into a rut, such services may appear to be the quickest solution, but often this leads to was Read More
1. Create a strong business plan and vision of your idea, outline what your company, product and campaign is all about. The likely hood of achieving crowdfunding success becomes much higher, if you have the ability to clearly show your vision to potential investors. When you show a strong belief al Read More
The primary purpose of any campaign must be clear to the organizer. This is important in crowdfunding as well, knowing this basic element will help you in determining which crowdfunding platform is the best for you. For example, there are very specific niche communities for specialized individuals. Read More
Just across the pond in the UK, another start up has used the power of equity crowdfunding to raise the much needed capital to expand their offerings. Humble Grape has surpassed their initial goal of £250,000 ($450,000 CAD) and is still collecting capital in excess of £330,000 ($615,000 CAD). That Read More
The best way to successfully fund your crowdfunding startup is to understand exactly what investors look for when finding entrepreneurs to back. If the person seeking money can get inside their heads and deliver just what they find attractive in a new company or project, the chances that the crowdf Read More
According to last year’s World Bank report, Australia currently trails behind many industry leaders in the number of active crowdfunding portals advertised. That said, Australia does contribute a few excellent platforms, some which have already spread world-wide. Read More
Market experts predict the securities crowdfunding industry, which comprises both debt and equity opportunities, could grow to $300 billion in the next few years. Although a collaborative effort, many investors and entrepreneurs think of equity crowdfunding as the powerhouse behind such growth. Whi Read More
The team at StickBoard has a goal to create a Village Noticeboard aimed at the UK, and at the same time make professional websites inexpensive for local
communities. They originally started their journey four years ago, today they cover more than 1.6 million postcodes 100,000 local listings on th Read More
Journalists will not promote your campaign for you, but they may talk about it in reviews, market reports, and other industry specific stories. Appearing as a featured expert or showcasing your product in a magazine can increase your project’s visibility exponentially. Unfortunately, getting your c Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!