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Today crowdfunding has turned the world into an increasingly collaborative place, with people from everywhere creating and supporting a variety of amazing projects and causes, and sharing them with friends and communities. More and more people get into crowdfunding and take advantage of their socia Read More
It is definitely investor protection, as you mentioned. We are moving ever closer to having equity crowdfunding regulated in all EU countries. This is a good thing for everyone. Equity crowdfunding will not become a viable alternative for the larger populace of potential investors until the safety Read More
Financial services in the UK have waited months for the FCA’s updated guidelines regarding social media promotion. Now that the regulatory body has released its directives, however, crowdfunders are less than pleased. According to a recent Times article, the FCA asks equity crowdfunding portals to Read More
In corporate culture, businesses constantly run into the term VoIP. This is because of the impact it’s had on professional communication, both local and international. For those still toying with the idea of VoIP technology, they see a market full of products and programs. But as more providers spr Read More
More often than not most businessmen do realize that the crowdfunding procedure is not merely just a proposal where one, and hence their campaign is not a success. Organization and execution of crowdfunding campaign is no cake walk, and if you want to execute it successfully, you have to give it yo Read More
Crowdfunding is a social media driven marketing mechanism that uses the collective efforts of people to market and fund projects or businesses by creating an online community of people that combine their resources to support and grow projects and businesses. This concept was embodied in the 2012 re Read More
The crowdinvestor is a new type of individual engaging in early-stage funding of unquoted companies via equity crowdfunding portals. Previously, non-accredited or inexperienced investors were prevented by legislation from investing money into unquoted businesses. Read More
By the end of a campaign, supposing you’ve adamantly updated and promoted throughout, you will have a bank of crowdfunding content sitting somewhere on the web. When you enter the post-crowdfunding stage, consider how you might update and repurpose these old articles, images, and videos to increase Read More
At the time of writing the Bring Reading Rainbow Back for Every Child, Everywhere! Kickstarter campaign has just closed with a new record of 105,857 backers and is #5 on the list of highest funded campaigns on the site with over 5.4 million dollars pledged. One could write a plethora of articles on Read More
For years, developers and programmers have crowdfunded apps. But let’s spin this around and consider using apps to crowdfund – at least this is what Indiegogo now proposes. Following YouTube’s announcement earlier this week, it seems that this summer has lots in-store for us. Adding to the stock, I Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!