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For investors, debt crowdfunding seems semi low-risk compared to equity crowdfunding. This is because the investment’s term-length and expected return is substantially less. Read More
According to Biz Community, within the next few years 1/3 of the world’s population will engage social media — your campaign needs to only reach a fraction of this. While you may not interact with a billion people, you can sit back and learn about your industry around the world. RSS feeds and twitt Read More
For both reward-based and equity-based crowdfunding, we’ve covered many facets of a successful campaign. But there’s one essential step for start-ups still to discuss — the business plan. In a sense, writing a business plan is the ultimate way to prepare for a crowdfunding because it forces you to Read More
“The best time is now” clichés does not apply to crowdfunding because it takes months of preparation to pull-off a successful campaign, leaving little room for spontaneity. Knowing as much, the question still remains: When is the best time to Crowdfund? While a single, generic answer may not exist, Read More
Equity crowdfunding requires many startups to incorporate, yet the same formalities do not necessarily extend to other forms of crowdfunding. In particular to rewards-based crowdfunding, startups know to patent new technologies, but many choose to incorporate only after the campaign. Let’s explore Read More
With the ability to be used during those workday breaks, the goal behind YogaMe is to reduce sick leaves and improve occupational well-being. The health and fitness market can be competitive, so does YogaMe have what it takes? Read More
Crowdfunding success stories have an intoxicating effect: They show the glamor of a strong project, without exposing the hardships endured along the way. While most successful campaigns include the same components, they do not form a recipe for guaranteed success. Read More
Indiegogo plans to roll-out a few interesting developments first quarter 2014. As announced in a recent press release, the crowdfunding giant will offer campaigns a unique opportunity to customize their crowdfunding pages not just on the portal’s website, but their own as well. Indiegogo Outpost wi Read More
Some portals prohibit simultaneous crowdfunding — the act of running two or more campaigns at the same time — while others specify no such restrictions. Many project creators view this discrepancy curiously, wondering whether or not simultaneous crowdfunding could work. Not to disregard the reasons Read More
Ever wonder why some large corporations resolve to crowdfund? Cases like these reveal crowdfunding is not always about the money. Although we’ve talked about hidden crowdfunding benefits before, businesses should know how to use crowdfunding as a competitive marketing tool. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!