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This post is aimed at small agencies, but I've tested it, liked it, and think it could also be valuable for small businesses with a little PR savvy. If you are growing a small business, and you develop systems and processes, and PR is part of the process, then this is worth a read. Read More
Small and medium-sized businesses have reported plans to up website spending, but how many are actually using them? According to July 2014 polling by Gallup and Wells Fargo, the percentage of small businesses with websites had risen just slightly over the past few years. In Q3 2014, 59% of US small Read More
There's a lot of angst among small business owners over negative reviews, but take solace in the idea it's not the end of the world. Respond and be helpful and move on - it's more important to think about future readers in responding to a review than it is to think about the original review writer. Read More
A new survey from Twitter provides compelling data that makes the case for small business engagement on the social network. The survey found that 57% of respondents discovered a small- or medium-sized business on Twitter, 67% decided to follow an account they found on Twitter, 50% shopped at the S Read More
Can social media help build a brand? Here's nine examples of small businesses that are doing it. As the post says, "Customers have the final word now. News gets out faster. Other users and buyers are now the trusted sources. Social conversations are now the holy grail of business reputation manage Read More
Small businesses, frequently strapped for both time and cash, often need their marketing dollars to work double time—using the same resources to attract new business and retain loyal customers.
Read More
An excellent post on the false hope of "going viral" and offers instead a far more practical and realistic approach for small business instead: targeting small groups. This is how you do it! Read More
A new study shows that small businesses are increasingly turning to content marketing for traffic, search rankings and brand building. It's proven to be effective -- 59% of small businesses surveyed said their content marketing efforts drove sales -- and most spend only $100 per month, while anothe Read More
Shonali Burke takes an in-depth look at a CRM tool for small business called Streak. Obviously, a tool to track relationships with customers is paramount. This one is interesting because it easily integrates with free tools like Gmail and Google Apps. Read More
There is no shortage of social media advice. Unfortunately, much of it is often at odds, conflicting and even confusing.

While such advice comes with a great deal of experience and has points of merit, it often also comes with the unique and perhaps, narrow perspective specific to that person o Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!