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Some procurement programs typically limit the scope of companies that can bid on a contract to those qualified as “small businesses." By competing for these contracts, small business owners avoid the challenge of competing against large, entrenched government contractors. Read More
eing in an industry that’s reeling off of several years of extremely poor public relations, Ford is rebuilding its image in a big way with social media. Along with its Doug the Hand Puppet campaign, Ford has recently launched The Ford Story, a website that depicts the inner workings of Ford. Read More
A common topic of discussion with my clients is how much debt is the right amount. This is a big question. Not enough debt can restrict your growth and too much debt can destroy your business. How can you tell if you have too much or too little debt? Read More
You will face many choices when starting your business and assume many risks. One key choice is whether to go it alone or start a partnership. The answer is often "It depends on the partner". Read More
A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece, What We Miss About Sales Metrics. In some of the discussions around that piece and in a number of separate discussions I've seen around the different sales communities, I've been amazed at some of the zealotry around metrics. Read More
It hasn’t been that long since I started seeing Keyword Winner banners plastered all over different blogs. Naturally, I got curious. Add the word “keyword” to any tools, plus attached Dan Lew‘s name to it (DanLew.com), and you got my attention. However, I couldn’t really find any good reviews out t Read More
Smart phones are closing the gap between phone and computer with what seems like each and every model that comes out. Blackberry and Microsoft have for some time allowed business users to view, edit and create Microsoft Office programs on their mobile devices. Read More
Giving your readers fresh, relevant and interesting posts to read regularly on your WordPress blog is a great way to earn their approval and trust. Whether your readers are busy moms or stressed-out yuppies or inquisitive fellows in the industry or just random individuals who landed on your website Read More
Some things are hard to put into words - explaining in words how to tie your shoe, people's fascination with the Olsen twins, etc. But is there anything harder than explaining your job when you're an SEO? Read More
Turning a room into an office takes a vision first. Start with desire and inspiration. No matter your budget, the size of our dreams determine the outlook Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!