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"Unlike the ironic sentiment often expressed when quoting (or, as in this case, vitiating) Shakespeare's Richard III, I am not suggesting that attention is unimportant. I am, however, suggesting that businesses obsession with attention is misplaced, at best. And the fact that major industries have evolved to feed this obsession, simply adds to Read More
As I've studied leadership related silent problems inside organizations and written about them excessively in my book, Without Warning, the answer to the question, “Is she a bully, or just a bold leader?” is really quite simple. Read More
Toyota appears to have lost its momentum. And as the economy turns around and car sales begin to rebound, I predict that Toyota will be a lagard. Fresh companies like Ford, Hyundai and others will be on the attack, going after #1. And if Toyota falls as I anticipate, reports about Toyota will also turn for the worse. Read More
I've written about the challenges of the ethanol/biofuels industry many times. And the bad news just keeps coming, Without Warning. Each piece of news is challenging the future viability of the industry. For instance, in recent weeks several reports have surfaced. Read More
"Now the consumers have taken charge — they decide what news is. Monopoly power vanished. The existence of a competitive marketplace is permanent. And we should have known and we should have anticipated that." Read More
As history has illustrated and the future will continuously demonstrate, silent problems are a challenge inside every organization and are a primary factor behind economic failures around the globe. This article discusses two silent problems that exist inside organizations, job accountability grading and compensation plans. Read More
Susan Boyles, the overnight sensation thanks to Britain's Got Talent is a story being told and heard around the world. However, there is another story that isn't being told? Susan Boyles frumpiness masked her talent. And herein lies a leadership lesson. Read More
Several years ago, “the world is flat” phenomenon took hold. A place where every sector and segment of the world would become interrelated and interdependent. 1+1=3 Yet today if you look at the world, it doesn't feel flat at all. If anything, it feels disjointed and straining at the seams. Read More
Earlier this year, Best Buy cut 750 jobs at corporate headquarters through layoffs and voluntary programs offering generous severance packages. Julie Gilbert, along with many other talented leaders took the buyout. Yesterday, news reports surfaced that Best Buy notified workers of a new staffing model, with more job cuts. Read More
One industry gets consistently hit in an economic downturn. This being the advertising industry. Except in this downturn, newspapers which were already weak, are being decimated. This includes the likes of the Tribune Cos, the Chicago Sun Times and numerous others. The reason behind their demise is twofold. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!