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Have you ever considered that something as simple as how a retail cashier can have a big effect on the customer experience? These seemingly insignificant exchanges can spell the difference between a loyal customer, and one who won't come back. Read on... Read More
Things are going pretty well for you right now? Thinking about maintaining a little status quo? Think again... Read More
Are you company's products and/or services seen as "commodities" in the marketplace? Even if you don't think so, odds are that they are. So what can you do to avoid falling into the "commodity trap"? It isn't easy these days. There are more solutions to needs than there is money to spend on them. Read More
Being in love isn't always being in love. Love is an abstract term that covers a lot of ground. This is true with interpersonal relationships...and it is true with your brand and your consumers...as well as your company and your employees.
What level or degree of "love" does it take to insure loya Read More
How many sales calls have been derailed by a salesperson who simply did not know how to effectively set and exceed expectations with the prospect? Who instead of engaging in a productive conversation, chooses to bludgeon the poor prospective customer into submission with an unending litany of facts Read More
Ask your employees, your sales force,your channel partners, or your consumers how they would like to be rewarded. The vast majority of them will tell you, "more money". But when you structure a reward system that pays on performance lift, there is one consistency: Programs that use cash or debit ca Read More
Engaging your employees or channel partners takes a whole lot more than simply rewarding them for results or recognizing them when you "catch them in the act" of behaving well.
So why are there so many "experts" that would have you believe that rewards alone are the key driver to building an endur Read More
Borders book stores are closing forever, rendering their gift cards valueless. The future is not brighter for many other retailers who face potential bankruptcy or massive store closings.
Knowing this, why would anyone give retail gift cards to their top performing employees or customers?
Take a Read More
Is your human capital management (HCM) strategy solely focused on the employees of your company? You might be missing an opportunity to improve productivity, efficacy and profits.
Consider what happens when you open up your thinking beyond the borders of your organization. Read More
The age-old "Case Study" is too often abused, misused and downright confusing... This article addresses how, when and why to use the Case Study appropriately to help move a prospect over to become a purchasing customer. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!