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By Maria Valdez Haubrich Despite the recession, government contracting has continued to be a lucrative business for small companies that are capable of providing products and services the government needs. But becoming a prime contractor to the government can be complex and confusing, with lots of Read More
By Rieva Lesonsky As a small business owner, you may not think of yourself as a trend-watcher. Truth be told, spotting trends is a key ability small business owners must possess. Whether you’re starting a new business or growing your existing one, you need to know what products and services are hot Read More
As a small business owner, you often find yourself stuck in the daily grind. It is so important to get out from under your bevy of emails and stacks of paperwork to grow and learn! Every week, we will be compiling a list of events for small business owners. From tweet chats, to webinars and livestr Read More
If you became tired of hearing about how you have to use social media and decided to start using Facebook and Twitter and maybe writing a blog without a strategy in place, stop, cease, desist, halt! As you know, a strategy is basically a roadmap. You can’t get to where you’d like to go with social Read More
We go to networking events and learn from our peers and establish connections. This was an event in the DC area and you will find this recap interesting for the content.
At a conference a speaker told me 90% of conference attendees do not take any action with what they learnt at the conference? Wh Read More
Interview with Laura Roeder, Social Media Marketing Expert, on why she decided to work with small business owners as opposed to corporations, her business model, and more. Read More
It’s almost that time, when merchants are anxious, buyers are stressed out, kids are ecstatic and everyone is running out of time. If you’re a merchant, it may be too late to re-do your website, rethink your advertising strategy or stock more inventory. But there are some simpler things that you Read More
In a web world that is now built on the conversations that we have with others, whether that’s via Skype, email, Twitter, or blogging, we need to always be responding to those who reach out to us. As the very relevant saying goes – we love to buy from those who we know, like and trust. In creating Read More
The dictionary definition of a mentor is “an experienced and trusted advisor,” or “leader, tutor or coach.” The definition of a critic sounds similar, “a person who offers reasoned judgment or analysis.” The big difference, of course, is that a mentor looks ahead to help you, while a critic looks b Read More
Small business leadership expert Terry Starbucker will be guest tweeting for the December 9th #netsol tweet chat. Terry's blog, Glass Half-Full, offers insightful tips and strategies for small business owners. To register visit: Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!