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To improve productivity, say psychologists Dr. Donna LaMar and Betsy Laney, cofounders of The Farm, you need to keep your people engaged and motivated in their work. Here's how to go about it. Read More
When Lisa Skriloff, president of New York—based Multicultural Marketing Resources, wanted to attract businesses interested in marketing services as part of a niche marketing effort, she launched a group on LinkedIn, the popular social network. In less than a year, 1,500 people had opted in. “Now I can reach the entire group by posting messages or Read More
Marketing to consumers with one broad brushstroke may still make sense for major brands, but for a niche business, the best way to a customer's heart is through a more targeted approach. Here are five niche marketing tips for reaching a select market segment affordably. Read More
Incorporating free shipping into an online customer acquisition and retention program is a great way to increase sales and boost customer loyalty. There are many different types of free shipping that should be considered for any loyalty marketing effort. Your best bet is to experiment with several offers. Luke Knowles, author of The Free Shipping Read More
According to pioneering online marketer Mark Joyner, simple concepts that turn steps in the purchasing process into opportunities have powered the growth of empires. Using examples, he explains how businesses can grow indefinitely with minimal risk and offers an action plan along with his supporting theories. His Integration Marketing Growth Strat Read More
In his first year of blogging, Alan Brymer, president of The Investor Library in Provo, Utah, landed more than 6,000 subscribers by providing high-quality content, soliciting reader feedback and responding to their requests, and touting free reports. The reports spread like wildfire via a “tell-a-friend” script and were promoted by other bloggers Read More
Trying to figure out what customer relationship management really is? You're not alone. The term has been bounced around so much it remains a great source of confusion, says Howard Larson, owner of Larson & Associates. “What we are really talking about is building profitable customer relationships,” he explains. To get closer to your customers, La Read More
One of the most effective ways for a growing business to cut costs and save thousands of dollars in these tough times is to challenge your employees to identify waste and make suggestions on how to eliminate it. When you do, you'll build morale and improve your bottom line. John Tschohl, founder and president of the Service Quality Institute, shar Read More
Your appearance doesn't matter when selling over the phone. The only important factors are your voice and how you talk. But when speaking to a prospect over the phone, there are some important things to watch out for.“One of the biggest mistakes that salespeople make when speaking to clients is talking too fast,” says Julian Blee, owner of Fat Cat Read More
A full-on brand-building project is a big deal, not something to enter into on a whim. It requires a commitment — potentially a significant one — of money, time, and that most precious commodity, faith. While there are research tools that can help you determine the state of your brand, there are also a number of clues that may indicate it's time t Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!