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Are you a blogger? How many of these mistakes are you making?

Take care. They may affect your email deliverability. In vain you'll blame your autoresponder service ;) Read More
How to get rid of the Pinterest spam from the Messages and You tabs. Plus the chat bubbles from the left side. Read More
A new version of SharePoint sees a large spike in the number of migrations, as people move forward to take advantage of the new functionalities on offer. This is especially true with SharePoint 2016, as there’s a lot of stuff to love in terms of new features. A failed migration could leave users un Read More
Don't sell wood to a forest. Too many salespeople make mistakes when they are selling to their prospects. We've had a lot of salespeople call us recently, and here are six lessons they should have all had prior to making the call. Read More
David S. Rose’s book is written for the “startup” you have in mind when you think about startups. It’s the business that grows fast, moves fast and is looking to get bought out (by a Google or Facebook) or “go public”. Many books have been written on “the startup”, but few of those books focus on t Read More
Writing a book may seem daunting and time consuming, but they payoffs can be amazing. Self publishing has opened the door to extensive content creativity, and here's a list of great reasons that writing a book can help you promote your personal brand. Read More
Has your Twitterness gone stale? Is your Twitter account not doing much for you or your business lately? You may have noticed your followers haven’t really increased much and your Twitter stats are nothing to write home about. I see it with many tweeps including myself a few weeks ago. It’s time fo Read More

7 Reasons Why No One Clicks Your Affiliate Banners

7 Reasons Why No One Clicks Your Affiliate Banners - Avatar Posted by adrianjock under Online Marketing
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Made Hot by: thelastword on September 6, 2016 8:00 am
Placing affiliate banners on your blog is one of the most common blog monetization techniques.

Since the case when (almost) no one clicked a certain banner is not very uncommon, let's analyze together why such an unpleasant situation usually happens and see what you can do to avoid it. Read More
Check the complete guide on how to download free music on android gadgets. Some might want to download the songs while the other may need to listen to them online.

Keeping both in mind , I have included the best free music downloader for Android for both the needs. Read More
The question about the best link cloaker in the moment came up in a small discussion yesterday on Facebook where one of my buddies complained about affiliate links being blocked or blacklisted by various email marketing services or social media sites, most of all Facebook.

I want to give my 2 ce Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!