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The essence of ethics can be boiled down to corporate responsibility or “doing what is right.” And, although most small businesses are privately held and therefore not subject to laws designed to govern business ethics like SOX, they are none the less affected by the public's growing lack of faith Read More
Have your sales dropped? Are you struggling to get new customers? Do you think it’s tougher to sell for a small business than it’s ever been before? In some ways it is. In other ways, it has never been easier. Check out these Top 3 Tips Read More
It seems there is evidence to suggest that the Chamber of Commerce is guilty of being insensitive to the injustice women suffer when they perform equal work for less pay than men. This seems shortsighted in light of the many signs of an emerging upward trend toward feminine power in the world. Read the full article to find out more Read More
Lack of understanding about generational differences in the workplace can leave a small business owner clueless as to how to resolve the potential conflicts, performance issues and turnover it can cause. Read the full article to learn what small business owners can do to avoid these problems Read More
Some tech-savvy people look down their nose at those who are not tech-savvy. This digital divide can be the kiss of death in a small technology business. Small businesses have to be careful they don't get on the wrong side of the digital divide. Read the full article for details Read More
People who start businesses and those who don't are more alike than you think. What they don't have in common and the difference between entrepreneurs and schmucks will surprise you. Read the full article for details Read More

Micro Businesses Fly under the Radar

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A recent report funded by the U.S. Small Business Administration and the Office of Advocacy, titled, “The Nonemployer Start-up Puzzle”, published in December, 2009 differentiates Nonemployer firms—businesses without employees—and Employer firms. Nonemployer firms represent a large percentage of businesses; however, little is known about their dynamics (entry and exit). The report seeks to illustrate basic statistics about the prevalence of entry and exit for Nonemployers and the local conditions that led to their entry Read More
First, there are some businesses that I would certainly recommend that you avoid. Those would be businesses with a low or declining demand for its products or services; those with a start-up investment that puts your entire future at high risk; and those that you know absolutely nothing about or do not enjoy. So what does that leave Read More
Times are changing. Traditional management styles/practices are falling short during this recession and management must adjust for a shifting landscape or end up out of business. The key is to understand the critical role of performance management Read More
Every small business is looking for a way to do more with less these days. But, after they have reduced headcount, slashed the budget and eliminated all waste, what else can they do? Read the full article and watch the video to find out Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!