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The internet, and specifically the rise of social media, has made it even easier for folks to pursue ruthless ambition to succeed online. A major part of online success is being able to see through the smoke and mirrors that many personalities put up around themselves.

With the internet making anonymity and disguise so simple, many people set up illusions that simply aren’t themselves. I often compare this to the classic 70s game show, “The Dating Game.” It’s easy to sit behind the partition and try to impress the “contestant” with how charming and clever you are. But sooner or later, they will step around the partition – that’s the moment of truth. Will they be surprised with what they find Read More
In every conversation with Steve, he tells me interesting small business success stories that he has encountered as part of his research. Steve will be speaking at the GrowSmartBiz Small Business Conference, organized by Network Solutions and the Washington Business Journal, on Nov. 5 in D.C.
He also is involved with analyzing the Network Solutions Small Business Success Index, which is co-sponsored by the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business. It surveys the competitive health of small businesses twice a year. The latest report to be released in September indicates that small business owners find marketing and innovation a challenge. I wanted to get Steve’s opinion on his experience researching small business innovation and on other new trends like co-working.

Read more: How are small businesses working through innovation challenges? - Washington Business Journal Read More

HP SugarTone: Making your business amazing

HP SugarTone: Making your business amazing  - Avatar Posted by bloggertone under SugarTone
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Made Hot by: ruth on August 25, 2010 6:50 am
Bloggertone and BizSugar would like to announce our second Sugartone Sweet Business Blogging Contest called: HP SugarTone: Making your business amazing. We are delighted to welcome HP onboard as sponsors for this event. In case you missed the last one, here’s how it will work with just a few small changes Read More
Jumping from one to another actually makes your marketing more complex instead of simpler, not to mention the time and/or money it takes. To take any confusion out of the decision here are a few questions to ask yourself before you dump what you are currently doing for another tactic: Read More

Finding Personal Time as an Entrepreneur

Finding Personal Time as an Entrepreneur - Avatar Posted by MMarquit under Self-Development
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Being an entrepreneur comes with its own challenges, including having a hard time find time for yourself. You can find personal time as an entrepreneur, but you may have to schedule it in Read More
The important thing to remember here is that just because you may be a small business or even an entrepreneur, companies and entities or every size are at risk of losing PR credibility when something goes wrong – in a big way Read More

It Frustrates You And Annoys The Pig – Todd Youngblood's "SPE" Blog

It Frustrates You And Annoys The Pig – Todd Youngblood's "SPE" Blog - Avatar Posted by tyoungbl under Sales
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Made Hot by: BIZvoter on August 23, 2010 6:31 pm
There’s no way an outside consultant, or even a VP of Sales for that matter, can tell an experienced rep how to do his or her job. It’s like the old joke about trying to teach a pig to dance. It frustrates you and annoys the pig Read More

Getting More Comments On Your Small Business Blog

Getting More Comments On Your Small Business Blog - Avatar Posted by ShawnHessinger under Online Marketing
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If getting people to comment on your blog has been an ongoing problem, you may be interested in this advice specifically aimed at WordPress bloggers from Heather C. Stephens a.k.a. the "clever marketer" about how to give a very clear SEO incentive to those who leave comments on your blog. Heather has even gone so far as to create a badge and recommend that you use it to promote this incentive as a way of encouraging more comments. What is this incentive. Read Heather's post to find out more.. Read More
Diversity works. As interested business leaders, it is our role to keep diversity and inclusion at the forefront of corporate strategy conversations at a time when, due to changes in the economy, decreasing or eliminating these efforts are often a cost-cutting measure. Yet this is the time to delve deeper into the diversity and inclusion conversation so that when the economy turns, and our business models and talent look a bit different, we are poised to maximize new revenue opportunities and our human capital. Diversity works, and we were reminded this week that we must be continuously working at it Read More
One of the reasons Jay Conrad Levinson’s Guerrilla Marketing brand continues to grow is Jay’s willingness to work with co-authors who continue to build his brand by introducing new perspectives and readers.

One of the best recent examples of this is Guerrilla Marketing for Nonprofits: 250 Tactics to Promote, Recruit, Motivate, and Raise More Money by Jay Conrad Levinson, Frank Adkins, and Chris Forbes, experts in nonprofit fundraising Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!