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Predictive loyalty metrics allow marketers to decipher consumers’ emotions, expectations, and imminent behaviors in the marketplace. Happily, Brand Keys is an authority on customer loyalty. And, as real loyalty metrics measure the direction and velocity of consumer values 12 to 18 months in advanc Read More
According to a recent study by CMO Council, as much as 80% of business leads are left fallow. This is a startlingly high percentage, but it also suggests that there is a significant top-line revenue benefit for companies seeking to increase yield and marketing efficacy.

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n the past week I have spoken with two different people who found out that indeed, transitioning their site from the old design to the new one can result in the loss of good search rank. You would think that the web developer is the one to blame here (and in some cases it is the fault of the web de Read More
Know all those ’5 Steps to’ or ’10 Ways to’ posts you see everyone writing? Ever wondered why there are so many of them? Because they work. Because we all want answers to problems, or if we don’t need help, we probably know someone that does. Read More
Historically, clicks and click-through rates (CTR) have acted as the standard measurement for online banner campaigns. However, as consumers click on banners less and less, advertisers are encouraged to look beyond the click to measure success. With so much technology arising in the online space, Read More
I must admit, I had hoped that by teaming with Steve Woodruff to create #LeadershipChat – a new, weekly opportunity for leaders across the globe to get together via Twitter and talk about the challenges and excitement surrounding our leadership roles – that collectively we would make each other bet Read More
Forbes recently named The Blair Witch Project the best ever social media campaign and Associated Press writer Christy Lemire called it the mother of all movies with viral buzz. The film just got a Blu-ray DVD this month and since its October, which means it’s Halloween time, I’ve decided to celebra Read More
For a PPC campaign to perform well you must have an attention grabbing ad copy. Advertising at right place, with right keywords and right time will not get you the desired results if your ad copy is poorly written and unable to attract the attention of readers (target audience). A well written ad c Read More
Mitch Joel mentioned to me in a recent exchange that he thought social media was changing corporate cultures. As I pondered this possibility, I’d like to suggest that this scenario is very unlikely, and in fact the opposite is true — company cultures are radically changing the social web! Read More
Whether or not you manage your paid search campaign internally or through an ad agency, one of the hottest topics for debate is what approach should be taken in regards to brand keywords. One of the most common questions from marketers is, “Why would I want to pay for traffic from brand keywords w Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!