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Recently, 24/7 Wall St. released a new list of brands that may disappear in 2011. This is the third report in a little over a year that has been published. Typically it would take a full year to compile a list of this nature however the current economic climate has accelerated this process as a majority of the brands on the first two lists are either gone, have been acquired, or have filed for bankruptcy. For a brand to be considered it is expected that it will either be gone by the end of 2011, or for its parent company to be sold or for the company to enter into Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Read More
I remember the days when ad people looked down at PR types. They had the big bucks budgets while the PR people toiled away on the leftovers writing press releases, arranging company events and the like.

Advertising sells! Well, maybe not so much anymore. Even the American Association of Advertising Agencies acknowledges the new power of public relations. At its last annual meeting, the group rebranded itself the 4A’s, for one reason because so many of their agencies are discovering that PR pays. Read More
Marketing your small or home-based business should be a fun endeavor, but most importantly it needs to be cost-effective. When you use the Internet as your platform, the possibilities are endless. Increasing your customer base is all about getting the word out. Awareness is key and all you have to do is pick up the megaphone! Here are a few tips you can use Read More
Building a successful brand requires using creative marketing and branding strategies to create strong brand equity. In today’s competitive market, a brand can only achieve success if it can connect with consumers and effectively communicate its unique qualities in a way in which they create a positive impression in the minds of consumers. However, products or service cannot generate brand equity on their own – this requires marketers to develop creative efforts that result in consumers bestowing on the product/service the desired brand image Read More
Take a look and think about how Google (and therefore your customers) find and access your website. Then think about whether you are delivering business value with your current setup. Try to be honest. And then, when you think you have all the boxes ticked, throw “social” into the mix and see how you stack up. Scared? You should be Read More
Don’t want your direct mail to end up in the trash with the rest of the unread mail? These 10 tips will help you get the results you want Read More
“Cost-per-lead” – That’s a frequently-heard term in the digital marketing business. There’s only one problem. It doesn’t really mean much in terms of customer acquisition. A business can be swimming in leads, and still go broke without a successful way to determine which of those leads are valuable, and then convert Read More
Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation are relatively new ways to market. We’ll call this Inbound Marketing Automation or IMA in this post.

The old approach to marketing relied on sending out messages in as many formats and mediums as possible, to broadcast it to its maximum reach. Maximum reach was essential, because these Outbound Marketers knew that less than 3% of these messages might resonate with their recipient. And today’s slew of spam filters and non-returned calls or emails attest to how many ignored messages have been sent. Read More
Today is the first official Social Media Day presented by Mashable. To celebrate the occasion, individuals around the world have planned live events with the purpose of getting together and sharing their social media knowledge and experiences while having a drink or two. Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend because the event happens to fall on the same day that the Dave Matthews Band will be performing in my area. For the last decade, I have associated summer with seeing DMB live. In honor of these two events, below are 8 social media tips that we can learn from Dave Matthews Band lyrics Read More
In the world of search engine optimization, the term ‘link juice’ loosely refers to value of the ways you bring connectivity to your website. Do you want to bring quality link juice to your website? The goal is to publish valuable content so that your links become a helpful resource that others can share. As more people click and read, this helps bring traffic and visibility to your site or blog. This isn’t as easy as you would think and businesses are constantly looking for new ways to get relevant links. Here are three ways that you can realistically bring in more link connectivity site today Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!