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To-do lists are often recommended as good strategies to increase productivity and efficiency. While the idea is for these lists to serve as a reminder, they actually end up having a negative effect on our psyche… and in turn, our overall output. Read More
Groups can and do make each other better. As cliche as it sounds, iron sharpens iron. But how can you leverage groups to help your company? Here are some helpful insights. Read More
The 2016 election cycle spend blew past the $1 billion mark in April of this year, well before the final candidates in the general had been decided. So how are the branding and marketing efforts of the candidates stacking up to date? Read More
Even the straight-and-narrow-suit-and-tie set can learn a lot from the branding tactics executed at Comic-Con and beyond by content creators. Read More
Just as a person is not defined as what they wear or how they look, your brand persona is based on much more than an aesthetic. Understanding those elements of your brand will help you improve your marketing and sales efforts tremendously. Read More
We teach kids many foreign languages in school. There’s another language we need to be teaching our students these days: the language of design. Here's why. Read More
You might not be directly impacted by the Brexit vote, but the shock waves sent out by the election results may have a significant impact on the ever-shrinking global environment in which your business is operating. Read More
Despite the massive amount of money spent on online marketing every year, a study confirmed that a shocking 86% of consumers suffer from banner blindness, or the tendency to be oblivious to traditional advertisements. Read More
A startup’s success is driven in large part by a startup’s ability to drive customer acquisition growth. Ultimately, word-of-mouth can be effective for some companies, unique marketing tactics can help others, but it’s difficult to succeed in many industries without a strong content strategy. Read More
Entrepreneurs and small business owners often complain despite the warnings from successful business owners and psychologists that complaining has detrimental effects on our businesses and psyches. Here's some valuable advice on how you can improve your chances to succeed, and be happier too. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!