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Thinking about your customers is central to a good online marketing strategy.  This post is a practical look at using customer knowledge to build inbound links to your site, help your SEO and build your customer base. Read More
Looking for an online marketing company is a surprisingly difficult task.  I’ve been in this position as a buyer and it is really, really hard to tell which are the right people to move you forward and achieve results. So here is my advice on buying consulting services in 4 easy steps. Read More
If you’re blogging for business, you need to set some success metrics. Most business bloggers will measure visits and feed subscribers but are these the right metrics for your blog? Read More
A recent discussion and a post shared on Bizsugar brought up the issue of increasing blog comments by creating a DoFollow blog. Prompted by that discussion, this article considers nofollow use on blogs. Is DoFollow really the way you want to go to increase blog comments? and what issues should you be aware of surrounding rel=nofollow and comments Read More
Before you start on the SEO for your site, it is important that you know your goals. What metrics you monitor, what kind of content you write, what keywords you target. All of these and more will vary depending on the goals you have for your website and your campaign. Part 2 of our 12 Post SEO Guide Read More
In our day and age, nothing is becoming more important than monitoring your brand name. What if you could use the time spent monitoring toward your link building efforts as well? Here are some tools Read More
Search engine traffic can take a lot of time and energy to generate. How does it compare to other channels? Links? Social Media Read More
There are some things that every business needs to "get" about the web so that they can make informed strategic decisions about what might work for them and what impact the Internet can have in their business. Here are some facts and figures that might help with the process Read More
Recently, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine in the PR industry who was given a large client. She was telling me how she is guiding the client through their foray into social media. As she was talking, naturally I started to check out their company website, blog, Twitter presence, etc. And I had to stop her Read More
You might have heard about the Google AdWords customer in India who threatened to kill himself if Google didn’t respond to his Google AdWords Help thread “in the next few hours”. This article might help save you from those extremes with help on some of Adwords' most common problems Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!