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Although superstition isn’t grounded in reality, people connect through tradition and folklore, and the stories are passed from generation to generation. Groundhog Day is a holiday steeped in superstition and story. Read More
Keeping a talented team together can be a challenge in a competitive industry. Encourage loyalty with a company culture that meets workers’ needs. Read More
Traditional advertising is dead. Marketers have known this for a while now, so how can you incorporate these three marketing techniques into your campaign without overloading yourself and your audience? Read More
If you want to get better at marketing, turn to the experts for sage advice. I talked to my network of marketers, writers, and branding pros to see what tips they had for you to be uber productive in your marketing this year. Check out these great marketing quotes from those in the know. Read More
It’s a Catch 22: while we have more technology tools than ever before to help us be more productive and stay organized, we’re drowning in the fact that there are simply too many tools to learn to use effectively. So, in an effort to save you the trouble of trying out all the organization tools out Read More
Social sharing of infographics has made them an incredibly popular marketing tool. Done well, they can garner thousands of shares and plentiful leads. Done poorly, they make your business look unprofessional. Instead of throwing together a sloppy infographic, take the time to make it awesome. It wi Read More
The Girl Scouts have a long tradition of cookie sales, and of teaching girls real-life skills. When they first started selling cookies in the early 1920s, the girls did everything, including the baking. Girls and their moms would bake up batches of sugar cookies and hit the sidewalks in their neigh Read More
Luckily for you, there is a simple recipe for developing a successful customer loyalty program that will help foster relationships with your current customer base, entice new customers to participate and increase profits. Read More
According to recent data, 65.8% of U.S. businesses are using Twitter for marketing purposes, and by 2017, this number is expected to increase to 67.2%. When used correctly, it can be a powerful marketing tool to help bring in new customers, and keep existing ones engaged. By making use of hashtags, Read More
Email use isn’t growing as steadily as it once was, but the average consumer still sends and receives roughly 88 emails per day. Who has time to open that many emails? No one. That’s why consumers have become increasingly selective about the emails they’re willing to read—and why sparking their int Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!