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So, you’re in trouble with Google. Having your site penalized by Google not only feels terrible, it can have a catastrophic impact on your bottom line. Particularly when your website is the bread and butter of your business, your immediate urge may be to shut down your penalized domain and [...] Read More
While it’s usually possible to effectively optimize an existing website, it’s generally most efficient to build the necessary SEO components into the site design and architecture right from the get-go. Whether you’re hiring a designer, using a pre-built template or building your site from scratch, Read More
Google has a long history of applying its own strategic goals to the broader Internet, and due to market share, it is uniquely possible for them to actually accomplish it. The strategic intent associated with Panda deals with website content quality. It has been used to punish website owners for no Read More
With marketing analytics software so pervasive, marketing professionals have the power to monitor everything on a business's social media accounts. How many retweets did a post get? Did customers favorite or reply to it? Thanks to automatic alerts, like Google Alerts, staff can also know immediatel Read More
LinkedIn is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world for business professionals. It is also one of the most effective for driving direct traffic to external websites. Over two years, Econsultancy in its article ‘LinkedIn Users are More Interested in Your Company: Stats’ demonstrated Read More
Businesses are constantly clamoring over each other, trying to get customer attention with flashy advertising, major branding efforts, or inbound content marketing strategies. The ultimate goal is to build an audience and a customer base by building trust and demonstrating value. But audiences are Read More
Is there a place online where the World Cup isn't being talked about right now? I only ask because my Twitter feed is filled with hashflags and #Brazil2014. Instagram is overloaded with soccer players cheesing it up. And my Facebook feed has been taken over by people sharing the latest [...] Read More
Google lifting a manual penalty is often a cause for excitement but don’t let a false hope of a rapid traffic rise set in. An instant increase in traffic is a rare event. If you’ve read other articles on this issue you may have realized that you’ve got your work cut out for you by now. Use the foll Read More
A business, by definition, is a firm or organization that deals in the trade of goods, services or a combination of both in an attempt to create a consistent revenue stream. But most business forget that in order to truly engage with both consumers and fellow industry leaders, there needs to be a w Read More
A manual action notice in your Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) inbox is kind of the ‘Dear John’ letter of SEO. As your heart races and your stomach sinks, you somberly envision a future with little to no search traffic and non-existent rankings. If you’ve ever received a manual penalty, you know [...] Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!