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This question has been around since advertisement has been around, some say it doesn't work, some say it partially works and some claim that it is essential for your business success, sales, brand building and YES IT WORKS!!!

This article isn' Read More
Facts that you can take to the bank! Insights that will deliver!

Here is a little excerpt from the article

Direct Marketing & Email Subject Lines Fact # 24
Subject lines are really important but to our surprise emails without subject lines do better, according to a research emails with no s Read More

This article deals with the most common hurdle that future, would be #Entrepreneurs #smallbusiness owners face, that is "the fear of unknown" "lack of confidence" "lack of understanding on how to start a business".

I have provided detailed picture of what kinds of fears a would be entrepreneu Read More
Fact# 2
According to a research brands, companies, businesses etc spent $160 billion to $260 billion on advertising in the U.S. (2)

Fact# 3
Total advertising expenditure by companies, businesses, brands etc in U.S. in year 2014 is largest in decade, $180.12 billion (3).

Fact# 4
Average Am Read More

Word of Mouth Marketing: 20 Shocking Facts about WOMM

Word of Mouth Marketing: 20 Shocking Facts about WOMM - Avatar Posted by Arshad-Amin under Marketing
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Here are Twenty solid facts about Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) collected from well reputed research journals, research institutes/organizations, work done by Marketing Gurus; that can help you a lot in understanding its significance in present day market plus you can also apply insights gained fr Read More
What if you get the real feedback, feedback that gives you real insights about your brand, product/service, insights that matters, insight that results in actionable measures that can make the real difference, what if you know exactly what it is that your customers don’t like, makes them angry, mak Read More
Some really surprising facts about Marketing!

Fact # One Highest Marketing Budget
Samsung had the largest marketing budget in history, whooping $14bn in 2013 (1). That number is equal to the total time elapsed since the big bang when universe began to exist. Read More
30 Solid facts, actionable insights related to Sales collected from reputed research Journals, Magazines, Organizations that will surely give you new ideas, approaches, insights to handle your business sales related activities efficiently & effectively.

Remember these insights, facts are solid, Read More
Excerpt from the article "Here are some really interesting facts about American consumers/customers that I believe any small medium business owner would love to know!

25 Facts & Statistics About American Consumer

91% & Customer Service Fact# 1
91% of American customers take customer servic Read More
A well researched article with some really surprising facts about small businesses in America.

Excerpt from the article " Twenty One facts about small businesses that every entrepreneur, small business owner, investor in the U.S should know.

What is a Small Business ?
Small business (in U.S) Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!