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A recent article I read published on DemandGenReport “New Study Supports Payback Of Lead Nurturing, But Raises Questions Over Touch Count” made me question “how much is too much when it comes to the multi-touch approach of lead nurturing?” The study conducted and published by published SmartLead which you can find and download here published some Read More
One of the great things about being a B2B marketer is you're pushed to keep learning new things and keeping in touch with whats happening in the B2B marketing world around you. Here is a quick quiz to help you check how in-touch or out-of-touch you are. Dont forget to post your results in the comments and share this with other fellow marketing pro Read More
Selling to a large company is no cakewalk. If anything, it needs patience, perseverence and a very well planned out approach. If you're one of the smaller companies or startups which has a large fortune company like Microsoft, Walmart, Oracle or Cisco on your client list, you've gone through the whole process of getting registered as a potential v Read More
While its great to see so many marketers enthusiastic about their inbound lead generation programs and discuss metrics and success stories on how many leads came through which can be added to the funnel, the process of inbound lead qualification still remains the ignored step-child of marketing and sales. Read More
Marketing data is a long term and constant requirement. How much data is needed can vary with time in the short term but the need for marketing data for most businesses doesn't diminish over the long run. So when marketing executives evaluate sources to help them address this requirement and help them build more data or maintain their data, they n Read More
A common perception that our sales team comes across while talking to marketing managers at relatively smaller companies is “we are too small for marketing automation technology or implementing a lead nurturing program”. It's not always easy to break that perception even though a solution like Nurture is just as ideally suited to a small business Read More
Thats right, as much as 16% of the marketing budgets allocated by global B2B companies are reserved for database and direct marketing according to the CMO Council's “Marketing Outlook 2009” report. The findings of this report was published in a story on BtoBOnline Magazine titled “CMO Council report: Many budgets up” by Kate Maddox. Read More
I just had a brief conversation with our prospecting team who are currently working on qualifying leads for a well known technology company. The leads come through from events and tradeshows the company regularly participates in and the team was notified that a bunch of leads from a more recent trade show have been added to their CRM and these wou Read More
Your customers really need your help. Now is the time to deliver content and solutions that provide that help. Smart, sales focused companies have long known the importance of uncovering the thorniest problems that their customers face. Why? So that they can deliver meaningful solutions to those problems. In fact, the most sophisticated sal Read More
Data Strategy Magazine published reports of a study carried out in the UK by Kalido where they researched companies with a turnover higher than $500 million and found less than half of the respondents satisfied with their database quality. In the report Data Strategy Magazine published: Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!