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Online hotel booking is enormous: 86% of people now use websites and apps to book their next getaway, but with online booking comes booking abandonment (also called reservation abandonment). 82% of online holiday shoppers will abandon their travel booking before completing their reservation – makin Read More
As the hotel industry adapts to cultural changes, it also must stay up to date on what guests expect from their stay. That means standing out to a variety of age groups, so each generation has their needs met at the same hotel.

Older generations enjoy hotel amenities such as free break Read More
Are you here for business or pleasure?

It’s the question most hotel booking sites ask their guests before they arrive. However, this inquiry doesn’t give staffers enough information about their future visitors. It’s just the start of missed opportunities, should a family come for a vac Read More
What’s a hotel without guests? Not only do they lend the financial support your business needs, but they provide word-of-mouth advertising for friends and family members who travel, too.

As such, you want to bring in as many guests as you can. A hotel consultant makes it its mission to Read More
Artificial Intelligence in hotels is the reality you, hotelier, should embrace. I know it may sound “sci-fiction” or some futuristic trend that won’t catch. But AI is already among us and can make your life easier at work and customers happier with their experience.

There was a time (n Read More
Is your hotel an adapter or a value innovator?

As an adapter, we look at something that exists to make it better and more effective.

With value innovation, we look at the differentiation and low cost in context with how to create new, unique values for both customers and t Read More
Through research and talking with hoteliers, the biggest challenge in the digital marketing landscape is content marketing.

Wait a minute… should there not be almost an overload of content for hotels to take advantage of in their digital marketing efforts?

Did hoteliers ge Read More
Leadership today is challenging for any hotel brand. Though it is not like any hotel leaders intentionally don’t identify and solve challenges related to talent and skills.

I don’t know if there exists such a thing as a perfect leader today. But there is plenty that is willing to make Read More
A drop-in meeting room bookings in your property can be worrying, especially when you are new in the hotel business. After staying in the industry, however, you will note that many hotels also have to deal with low demand in meeting room bookings, especially during off-peak season. Read More
The hospitality business is highly competitive with each establishment seeking to assert itself as the one which offers the best consummate accommodation experience. With the increase in travel for business or tourist purposes, there is an equally high demand for excellent quality hotel services. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!