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The hotel industry looks to be growing as more and more people aim to travel in the coming years. With a steady economy, more people can relax and take advantage of their PTO or time off to travel. Worldwide, tourists spend about $830 billion a year for stays in hotels. With such a demand, there’s Read More
All hoteliers know dining is one of the critical components of any successful lodging business. Hotels that provide breakfast, have an on-site restaurant or offer room service tend to reel in more customers.

However, the convenience that is food and beverage comes with a unique set of Read More
Customer acquisition is one of the primary goals of the hotel industry. We might see some differentiation in how hotels go about it. But at the end of the day, the primary motive is the same to increase occupancy and revenue.

I have worked in a call center and at the hotel front desk t Read More
LinkedIn as a professional social network platform has in 2019 added powerful new marketing solutions, new ways to buy ads, and new capabilities for publishing content, targeting marketing activity, and tracking the reach, engagement, and ROI that your hotel generates.

As we get ready Read More
PPC marketing is one of the most efficient, most rewarding methods of promoting products and services. According to stats, 35% of businesses use PPC to generate leads.

Yet, many hotels get caught up in the hype of PPC advertising without realizing they can invest huge sums and still no Read More
Video Marketing will be essential for your Hotels existence in 2020.

This is a harsh and brutal reality.

By 2020 the customer experience is trending to overtake the pricepoint as the most important aspect of the decision process.

Customers will no longer compa Read More
Hotels today need to find new ways to interact with customers that have engaged with them in one way or another.

Data has shown us that customer intent is 90% on point when it comes down to making a reservation with a given hotel.

But still many hotels experience a large p Read More
Going away for the holidays? Whether you’re taking a trip to see the relatives, going on a road trip with your family, or flying solo for some much-needed decompression, you’re not going to have a restorative trip if you create enough vacation stress to override the relaxation factor. Vacation shou Read More
The hospitality business has always been a competitive one. Now, with the arrival of platforms like Airbnb; hotels, lodges and guesthouses alike will have to up their game even further to stand out.

Whether your establishment caters for 5 or 500 guests, we take a look at innovative way Read More
From keyless room entry to online booking, automation has been assisting hotels large and small for decades. The convenience and experience of this advanced technology continue to raise the bar of guest expectations.

Guests look for ease and quality when booking hotels. Whether you’re Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!