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Do your Hotel Owners ponder and keep asking what effective Content Marketing strategies is really all about?

I bet you the first things that pops up in their mind is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and blogs. And I totally understand this mindset. Many marketers includi Read More
For many Hotels, content marketing is a big challenge with Social Media. Either it is not working, or they can’t figure it out, or simply traditional Hotel Marketing is just doing fine for them.

Content marketing is more than a virtual reality believing customers just show up and fix t Read More
Are you ready to unleash your Hotels potential by breaking down data silos to connect customers, products, people, and operations?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is leading the way with new AI, mixed reality Hotel solutions. For many Hotels, this will be how we start retaining new customers an Read More
Do you as a Hotel Manager find yourself standing at the crossroads in your career, either questioning yourself or finding it difficult to make decisions?

Developing a Hotel leadership mindset has no relation to one’s career or job title. It has everything to do with the manner in which Read More
Do your Hotel innovate in a relevant context with new customer trends and wants?

Social Media Marketing today is all about value innovation. Today customers are looking for alternative solutions that transform an ordinary experience into an extraordinary experience.

The ke Read More
How is your Hotel turning ordinary into extraordinary?

Creating that breakfast tray that makes the guest feel extra special is all about the little x-factor that makes a micro-moment shareable. Often when I talk about Social Media Marketing, I put this in context with change and transf Read More
What comes to your mind when I mention Hostel?

Hostels are cultural phenomena that for many perceive to mostly be geared towards youth. And it has also been called Youth Hostels. Today’s Hostels is typically low-priced social accommodations where travelers rent a bed, usually a bunk be Read More
In today’s world, many people have grown passionate about developing and maintaining businesses within the Hotel industry. If this is the case for you, you’re likely interested in ensuring that your Hotel business becomes as profitable as possible. Luckily, there are many digital marketing strategi Read More
What does the Millennial market segment mean for Hotels?

When you think about millennials, what do you think you know? For starters, you probably assume that technology is important to this group, and you’d be right. They’re used to it—they’re digital natives after all. They’ve led the Read More
Is the Hotel customer satisfied only because expectations are so low, and no one is doing better?

In today’s markets, it is not enough for Hotels to just satisfy the customer, you have to identify new ways to optimize and think above and beyond customer expectations. Even if your Hotels is 2-sta Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!