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Some really surprising facts about Marketing!

Fact # One Highest Marketing Budget
Samsung had the largest marketing budget in history, whooping $14bn in 2013 (1). That number is equal to the total time elapsed since the big bang when universe began to exist. Read More
How emotions and bias can influence buying behavior with marketing tips for businesses to leverage and convert more customers...

This infographic explains common biases that influence consumers’ purchasing decisions, including the status quo bias, the loss aversion bias, and the ingroup bias. It Read More
30 Solid facts, actionable insights related to Sales collected from reputed research Journals, Magazines, Organizations that will surely give you new ideas, approaches, insights to handle your business sales related activities efficiently & effectively.

Remember these insights, facts are solid, Read More
Excerpt from the article "Here are some really interesting facts about American consumers/customers that I believe any small medium business owner would love to know!

25 Facts & Statistics About American Consumer

91% & Customer Service Fact# 1
91% of American customers take customer servic Read More
A well researched article with some really surprising facts about small businesses in America.

Excerpt from the article " Twenty One facts about small businesses that every entrepreneur, small business owner, investor in the U.S should know.

What is a Small Business ?
Small business (in U.S) Read More
Is it possible to have a business without any weaknesses ? well I guess so, here is an interesting approach, that would help small medium business owners, entrepreneurs to turn their business weaknesses into their strengths.

In this article you will learn (practical approach) how to effectively Read More
An article that presents a strong case for "Customer Oriented Salespersons" on the bases of researches and studies published in well reputed Journals.

Provides a practical method on How to train and develop your business salespersons so they become customer oriented.

A really helpful article Read More
An article that not only highlights the importance of quality in present day market but also provides practical approach on how to identify and utilize best practices for your business (best practices specific to your business only).

Also suggest an approach on how to win small battles via gradu Read More
In this article I am sharing an easy method to devise mailing lists that would deliver maximum sales leads, I hope this approach would help entrepreneurs who are utilizing or thinking about utilizing direct mail to attain sales leads.

#salesleads #salesleadslists #mailinglist #salestips Read More

Free, Easy Tools to Create and Share Infographics

Free, Easy Tools to Create and Share Infographics - Avatar Posted by seltzer04 under Direct Marketing
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Are you trying to create your first infographic and don't know where to start?

Here are my favorite (FREE) tools to help you create and share an infographic with examples from one I recently made myself. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!