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A business reputation can take years to build. It demands nurturing, cultivation and care. One businessman showed me how all of that work can go straight down the toilet in minutes flat. It's a story of the sweet sounds of the late, great Marvin Gaye, engine trouble, a tow truck and the "nightmare" car scenario. Read More

The 11 Commandments of Social Media

The 11 Commandments of Social Media - http://www.socialmediatoday.com Avatar Posted by kimmendrez under Social Media
From http://www.socialmediatoday.com 4290 days ago
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Whether you’re a creative type, a business owner or an experienced regional marketer, the proliferation of social media recently can confuse, bemuse and excite in equal measure.

It’s no longer enough to send out monthly newsletters or email campaigns to talk to potential customers – now we’re supposed to actually engage with them, talk to them, and respond to them in real-time across social me Read More
Salespeople use scripts. Even those who believe they don’t use scripts are really relying on scripts, albeit ones that haven’t been refined as well as they might be. By writing and rehearsing your scripts, you will be smoother, you will be more consistent, you will be more persuasive, and you will be more effective. Read More
This is a great review of Anita's webinar on using coupons and discounts online, in the smartest ways possible. Lisa Barone summarizes: "In yesterday's post about how small business owners can learn social media, I noted that webinars gave business owners a great way to learn from experts without..." Read More
As an entrepreneur you want to conquer the world and try to do everything under the sun. Well I'm telling you now that it isn't possible. When starting a new business take it one step at a time. Moving in one direction will get you quite far. Read More

5 Actions That Will Quickly Grow Your Business

5 Actions That Will Quickly Grow Your Business  - http://ben-lang.com Avatar Posted by benmaxmime under Finance
From http://ben-lang.com 4303 days ago
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What was your vision when you first wanted to become an entrepreneur? Did you just want to build a business that would fund your dream lifestyle? Read More
In advertising and marketing, the humble adjective is key! The power of description can transform the mundane into the compelling, the common into the exceptional, and in the case of one restaurant...the tasty into the mouthwatering and delectable! Tips and advice to describe your business to success and profitability... Read More

Your Customer Is A Friend, Not An Enemy

Your Customer Is A Friend, Not An Enemy - http://www.alenmajer.com Avatar Posted by alenmajer under Sales
From http://www.alenmajer.com 4306 days ago
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If your customer is your real friend you will want him to make money — and salespeople can’t make money unless the customers do. Read More
The Kitchen Nightmares show on Fox is not just about kitchen drama. There are some very significant small business strategies to be learned that are extremely valuable to you as a business owner. Read More
Employee training is one vital tool in building up and gearing a company towards success. That is why; managers and supervisors should actively participate in this endeavor.
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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!