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Nobody knows your business better than you. The market, competition, industry practices, and most of all, the reason people should buy from you.Here are 9 points to consider when meeting with your creative team to advertise your business. Read More
A good way to get the information you want is to ask for it. No matter the media buying process or depth of information collected on an advertising RFP, being specific means being efficient. Read More
The things we shouldn’t do and the hellfire consequences that follow always make for a good read, something like the 7 Deadly Sins of {insert Marketing Tactic or Business Practice}. These posts list the gotchas of implementing our plans and programs, letting us know that yes, someone else has been Read More
We spend a lot of time talking about efficacy of the media channels used in our advertising and marketing campaigns. Far more important than the medium, however, is the audience and the amount of time those people spend with the media channels you’re considering for a campaign.
Read More
These days, maintaining business relationships has become an art form, one that’s both dependent on and diluted by technology. Dunbar’s number suggests we can have no more than 150 meaningful social relationships. Whether our personal maximum is 20 or 200 doesn’t matter—we have neither the time nor Read More
When someone asks me for the best way to fund a startup, I always say bootstrap it, meaning fund it yourself and grow organically. Bootstrapping avoids all the cost, pain, and distractions of finding angels or VCs, and allows you to keep control and all your hard-earned equity for yourself. Read More
As a form of persuasive communication, advertising seeks to guide an audience through a decision-making process that begins with awareness and results in a purchase. We deliver rational and emotional appeals through words and sound and images that reach our audience based on who they are, where they live, where they shop. How far that message will reach and with what impact is determined by both the creative and the media through which it’s delivered.

Learn how to leverage the unique properties of each media channel to deliver that message effectively. Read More
Technology author and blogger Bob Cringely, his family, and a television crew stopped in Fargo to visit Avenue Right on the Cringely’s (NOT in Silicon Valley) Startup Tour. The spirit of the project is to show the importance of American startup companies, wherever they’re located—how they contribute to the U.S. economy, serve to develop new markets and job opportunities, help us discover new technologies no matter our industry, and keep our country competitive in a global market Read More
Consumers are empowered more now than they ever have been to find information when they want it, and block out unwanted or irrelevant messages on the radio, television, their favorite online magazine. Keeping the general stages of the decision-making cycle in mind along with the attributes and message delivery attributes of each media channel can help create a media plan that drives consumers from awareness to purchase Read More
Your Ad Here: De-mystifying the Business of Media & Advertising provides a high-level overview of basic advertising concepts and how to implement them in a media plan. The chapters are laid out in an order that follows the process of a media buy, making it a quick read with easily digestible tips, tricks, and examples as the reader follows the case study of retailer Crazy Boy Jeans, who is making a buy to promote an upcoming denim sale Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!