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When potential customers are waving buying your product or service or wanting a refund what do you do? Do you engage in a dialogue to understand what the problem is or do you just give them the refund? This is a story how one company tipped the balance in their favour and gained a very happy customer. It all started with a simple email. Read More
you guessed it! the headline is without doubt the single most important piece of any blog post that you create....That’s why you should give it lots and lots of attention and come up with one, that works really well and grabs the potential reader as soon as he or she sees it. Read More
Every entrepreneur has to think about how to go about raising angel investment, but what is it that the investor is looking for in order to make their decision? Read More
Please bear with me and let me set this up with a little background and then I will bring this up to TODAY and why I would like to try this Alpha Test about branding so check it out... Read More
You may have heard from numerous experts that now is a great time to do hiring for your small business. With a harsh economic climate and high unemployment, there is an opportunity here to pick up some great talent and be able to grow your business too. But how can you attract and hire the people you need both now and after the economic downturn resolves?'s Susan Ward of Small Business Read More
We've looked high and low to find the Internets best social networking sites specifically designed for small business, entrepreneurs, and startups. Here's the ultimate list! Read More

Managers That Brag About Their Own Greatness…

Managers That Brag About Their Own Greatness… - Avatar Posted by SalesBlogcast under Self-Development
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The reason that self-promotion works and self-adulation doesn’t is because self-promotion is the art of spreading ideas, concepts, and a greater vision. Self-adulation is just the promotion of accomplishments, deeds that have already been done...

As I read through this recent article on CopyBlogger, it makes me think of Top Performers Turned Managers. These managers quickly learn... Read More
It took incredible determination, grit, skill and perseverance just for 5'6" Spud Webb to enter the NBA. Once there, he took on players who dwarfed him, and he thrived. This true David vs. Goliath story is easily applied to the business-world. Come check out the Spud Webb Model which I have developed and see the principles for success which can be applied to any business. Read More
Article on sending a thank you note when you work in sales. It happens infrequently so it really will differentiate you from your competition. Read More
Banned, forbidden marketing techniques that most companies would never admit they use - but they do. What can you learn from them? Can you use the techniques Apple, Microsoft, Ford and the banned Super Bowl commercials use? Here's what you never knew! Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!