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KISS is an acronym for “Keep It Simple, Stupid”, and it tells us that the simplest way, is often the best. Marketing is littered with failed campaigns and projects that were unable to achieve their objectives, and have been abandoned. Over complicated competitions, branded social networks, points b Read More
Writing about topics you don’t fully understand can have a negative branding effect on your business. The action actually makes things worse that if you had done nothing. Read More
With so many people claiming to be social media experts, how do you measure up your candidates? Here are the questions I would ask. Read More
There reaches a stage in a growing company’s life time when as the manager/ owner you can’t do everything yourself anymore and still have time to eat and sleep. A lot of people in marketing are good at selling themselves (as you’d expect I suppose), and making themselves appear better than they act Read More
Whether you like their food or not, McDonald's are one the very best marketing businesses in the world today. They are an excellent case study in both how to market your services globally, and so often over looked, locally. Here are 5 lessons you can apply to your own business. Read More

Why Are Three Little Pigs Advertising a Newspaper?

Why Are Three Little Pigs Advertising a Newspaper? - Avatar Posted by denissemarie under News
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The PR Verdict: “C” for the Guardian. Credibility is a newspaper’s key brand value. Unnecessary positioning for an organization with a proven track record. Read More
Brands will literally spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on agencies to develop their marketing strap lines. Here are my tips on how to go about creating a killer marketing strap line that has substance and benefits your marketing. Read More
The objective of your Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus profiles in no way should be to simply increase your follower count for the sake of having a high number. That figure is a largely irrelevant metric to be frank. In fact if you are measuring the success of your social media on figures such as h Read More
Well thought out customer marketing emails are one of the most effective sources of sales you will ever have. However, if done badly your emails will become at best an irritation and at worst detrimental to your brand. Here are 5 reasons customers aren’t reading your marketing emails and what to do Read More
Every business and their uncle have a social media presence, normally on Facebook and Twitter. Few are using them to their full potential and there is little to differentiate one business from another. Here are 7 ideas to help your business stand out. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!