New logo design and race report for the Mid Winter 10 Mile Classic road race in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Read More
Some of the most creative, funny, and unique examples of vinyl wrap/outdoor advertising on vehicles, helicopters, boats, and buildings. Read More
A Super Bowl ad comes with a price tag of about $3 million dollars this year. Even if you have enough money in your marketing budget to pick up a 30-second spot, there are alternatives that can offer more bang for your buck than a televised ad, no matter how big an event it's shown during. Considering how many people fast forward through the commercials, it's time to explore other options. Read More
White space is any space on your web site or printed page that doesn’t have graphics or text. When people first try to create their own marketing materials, their first impulse is to not “waste” space, and they fill pages with information. Read More
Do you have any idea where advertising spend is headed? Are you marketing on the wrong media? Want to see where you can get a bigger bang for your buck? Oh, by the way, TV as we know it will may be dead in few years. Read More
This article is on Popular Science's development of a digital magazine. A digital magazine will change the landscape for advertising -- marketers will be able to offer ads with further product details than a paper ad, while readers will be able to buy content by the article as well as a whole issue. Read More
This is a new field undertaken by marketers and advertisers that studies consumers’ sensorimotor, cognitive and affective response to marketing stimuli. Read More
10 of the freakiest advertisements ranging from text driving, domestic violence to smoking. Some are gruesome but gets the message across. Read More
There’s not a whole lot of point speaking to people who don’t want to speak to you. If you are involved in advertising in daily newspapers, general interest publications, direct mail to diverse mailing lists or even billboards, you are probably wasting a good percentage of your advertising dollar. Unless you’re overall goal is awareness, then this is a luxury best avoided. Read More
Getting noticed in a busy street or crowded hallway isn’t easy, but the reward of reaching millions of consumers has possessed marketers to come up with some amazing and ridiculous outdoor advertisements. Today’s post looks at 11 of the most creative outdoor ads around the world (according to us). Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!