There is always something magical about Christmas and it goes the same with the advertisements that we see during this period. Read More
Branding happens as a result, as a measure of how congruent you are- how well your actions and words match up. There is no hiding- it’s simply a reflection of how you do business. Read More
As the New Year approaches, you might be reflecting on how you spent your marketing budget in 2009, and what you might change in 2010. Chances are you’ve spent some of it with Google Adwords. Search marking is a critical first step of online ad buys. But with only 5% of pages views on the web come from search, there is likely some room to get a better ROI by diversifying your online ad strategy. Read More
There are plenty of marketing experts who believe sex sells in a marketing campaign or advertisement. Why? Because there are plenty of consumers who buy into it. Of course, using sex in marketing is one of the oldest tricks in the book, especially when you consider that sex has been used as a marketing ploy as far back as the Greek and Roman empires. Read More
You’ve heard of companies rebranding themselves for a fresh start. So is it possible for an entire city to rebrand itself to shed an old image and introduce a new one? Check out what’s happening in Fresno, Calif. But the rebranding is directed at an audience you wouldn’t think of first - its own residents. Thus, the city set out to find a variety of small business branding ideas. Read More
It’s important to always be looking for new opportunities to spread the word about your business. After receiving a notice from my new homeowners association that they had a community message board, I fired up the computer to check it out and sign up. It didn’t take long before I realized this would be a perfect opportunity to plug my services. Read More
The most effective and cost friendly way to advertise for any business big or small. Traditional forms of advertising are failing businesses, discover the new way to market your company. Read More
A hired tweeter has earnt $3,000 for pushing a button. He finds ads he likes and is paid to post them to all his friends and followers on Twitter. Is this the final frontier for advertising? Intercepting people’s conversations and taking part in their relationships to push forward a brand? Twitter and Facebook have been developing systems in which users are paid to send ads out to their friends e Read More
New Orlando Advertising Business Directory Network helps to connect Central Florida businesses to consumers at no cost! Read More
Here's a four-step procedure for getting the information you need to write persuasive, fact-filled copy. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!