Many small businesses don't pay attention to effective business marketing. Sixty percent of start up businesses neglect marketing costs in their business plan. Read More
The Recession has often been compared to a "brand filter" choosing the most viable brands to live. This project aims at revealing major brands' collapse across the world: US, UK, EU, Russia and China markets. Circuit City (US), Woolworth (UK), GM (Pontiac, Saab) a.o. ceased to exist. Do we regret any of these brand losses? If so - Why? Read More
Millions of new pages of content are being created every day and the vast majority is created by the individual publisher, but the advertising inventory is growing at massive multiples to the actual demand. With this, publishers will need to find new ways to be found and advertisers will need to find innovative ways to get in front of this micro created content. Here are some online advertising t Read More
AdvertiseSpace is a new advertising marketplace was just launched a couple days ago, It will let you sell ads directly on your website at monthly fixed prices. Which could get you 200% to 500% increase in your site revenue when compared to cost per click programs as Google AdSense! Read More
In the world lead by technological advancements - the audience becomes more sophisticated than ever. Capturing its attention has never been harder for brands, since any brand promise today is considered biased and rarely taken for granted. 3-screen Marketing Tools become a must. Avatar proves why and how brands take an advantage of its audience coverage. Read More
Taco Bell has taken the leap into the diet food craze with their Drive-Thru Diet Menu. Believe the hype or is this just another ad gone bad? Read More
There is always something magical about Christmas and it goes the same with the advertisements that we see during this period. Read More
Branding happens as a result, as a measure of how congruent you are- how well your actions and words match up. There is no hiding- it’s simply a reflection of how you do business. Read More
As the New Year approaches, you might be reflecting on how you spent your marketing budget in 2009, and what you might change in 2010. Chances are you’ve spent some of it with Google Adwords. Search marking is a critical first step of online ad buys. But with only 5% of pages views on the web come from search, there is likely some room to get a better ROI by diversifying your online ad strategy. Read More
There are plenty of marketing experts who believe sex sells in a marketing campaign or advertisement. Why? Because there are plenty of consumers who buy into it. Of course, using sex in marketing is one of the oldest tricks in the book, especially when you consider that sex has been used as a marketing ploy as far back as the Greek and Roman empires. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!