Create a new jingle for Gatti's Pizza incorporating the famous “dial 459-twenty-two-twenty-two and get a Gatti's Pizza Delivered” phrase. The Entries will be available for the public to listen to or view at and may be featured in future Gatti's TV, radio, and online marketing. Read More
As a smart business person, you probably know that there are no such things as magic words, particularly in a culture that has been saturated with advertising. But there's something else you should know: Not only do magic advertising words not exist, several of them actually work against you. Read More
Advertising is always a part of a business' marketing strategy. This is why for today I decided to feature Top 5 Creative TV Advertisements from renowned products and companies around the world. This is just a fraction of those hundred more of creative TV advertisements. I just hope as you are planning for your business marketing strategy, this l Read More
Using Google AdSense on your business Website can increase revenue, especially if your site is well traveled, but also can add to a visitor's experience when he/she arrives on your site. Here's how: Read More
Jeff Castle suggests these 8 small business advertising tips from In Business Watch the video. Read More
It's not breaking news that the citizens of the Internet love some humor. It always excites, yet hardly amazes me when I see something start to spread around and go "hot" all at once. Friends send me videos, photos and blog posts that are hilarious, sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally. But the things that end up being the most hu Read More
What are the best advertising techniques for small business? Compare the return on investment (ROI) of outdoor advertising versus print and visual media. Read More
The world of advertising is a wide open landscape. There is almost no limit to the creativity, depth and breadth your advertising mix can take - Not to mention no limit to the amount of money you can spend. In such an environment a few set of rules can help give you a proper framework by which to operate. I consider these to be nonnegotiable if yo Read More
If you honestly evaluate your advertising using the five questions in this message, one of two things will happen: You'll discover that your advertising provides compelling and powerful answers to each and every question. If so, congratulations—you're in the top 1% of all small business advertisers, and you're achieving amazing results from your a Read More
Last fall, Google implemented what it calls its "Quality Score" for AdWords advertisers. Improving your Quality Score can mean that your ad can be placed higher up in the search results at a lower cost per click. As a rule, the higher up in the list of ads your page appears, the more likely it is that someone will click your ad and visit your si Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!