"95% OF PEOPLE FAIL WHEN THEY START A BUSINESS WITHOUT A SYSTEM. 95% PERCENT OF PEOPLE ARE SUCCESSFUL WHEN THEY START A BUSINESS WITH A SYSTEM! " - Entrepreneur Magazine As if that were not enough, 95% Of new Home Party Plan Consultants fail largely due to info-overload, confusion and flat out frustration. Read More
Want your business to be effective in using social media? Do these three things! Read More
Royal Mail have launched a new advertising channel - somewhere between TV and Direct Mail. Could be a value-for-money channel especially whilst its still new. Read More
Decreasing marketing budgets and increased consumer skepticism towards traditional advertising is driving many companies to new ways of attracting and engaging customers. At the same time, new communication channels such as social media represent the most significant change in marketer/advertiser communications with customers in the history of ma Read More
Suppose everything you thought you knew about newsletters was DEAD WRONG? Here are 7 proven tips to create a marketing customer newsletter that is a profit-producing, client-retention, referral generating tool that really works. Read More
Direct mail and email marketing have gotten a bad rap for many years. But, when the email marketing is executed properly, the results can be fantastic. That is the sort of email marketing that Winton Churchill talks about in this book. It's not just a simple email being sent from time to time, but it is an email system that gets definite and posit Read More
From the page "Chuck clearly understands his readers and what they want to know. His blog— and this eNewsletter—are valuable and powerful because he really knows what he's talking about. We trust what he says and we're likely to accept his recommendations about products and services—even when they are his own. That is, because we trust what he s Read More
Direct mail may have a larger response rate than advertisers think. According to a recent Vertis Communications study users who read direct mailings are more apt (21%) to respond to offers via mailers websites.
by Kristina Knight Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!