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Signing off on the topic “Add the Good Stuff, Subtract the Bad Stuff: Simple Math for Good Business” here are 3 major irritants that your business can most certainly do without… Read More
In my last post I took a look at the good stuff business owners should add to turn around their business for the better. Technological changes, up gradation, price cuts and the like are always welcome but it’s about the simple things that you can do to send the cash counters ringing. Coming to the Read More
When I read and talk to people about business one thing that becomes increasingly clear is that business models don’t need to be complex to work…simplicity will do just fine. Most people tend to make everything so complicated that they fail to realize it ends up becoming too much for everyone invol Read More
One of the first things you have to consider when you think of launching a business is “what is it that you would like to do?” What niche do you plan to service? Here are 49 ideas I came up with which are high on potential and very niche too! Read More
I was reading a book on business strategy today and as I read up on various strategies employed by firms to attract customers and strategic partners it struck me just how complex some of these things would seem to a small business owner. Another thing that stood out was the fact that we underestima Read More
Research is the key to the successful launch of a business, product or service. It is also critical for customer satisfaction and forging strategic partnerships that are crucial for the survival of a business venture.

Customer profiling, definition of needs, identification of trends and probl Read More
Have you always marveled at the lives of the rich and famous? Has unraveling the mystique of the persona of a celebrity always been a cherished dream? Did you know biographers always create unique stories…one of a kind…simply because they tell stories about how a certain person has lived his or her Read More
In business as it is in life, it is your attitude that determines your altitude. Keeping a pleasant disposition, staying positive, hoping for the best and believing you can do it are often important ingredients for success in whatever task you undertake. Here are 5 of my favorite quotes to inspire Read More
My foray in to blogging (serious blogging) was purely accidental. I was looking for some information online when I came across the Noobpreneur blog and read about the opportunity to write guest posts. I filled up the contact form and Ivan Widjaya got in touch with me and I started blogging for Noob Read More
We plan for success in anything that we do, right? Then why am I writing about planning for failure? Who does that…plans for failure? I would say all of us do…at some point or the other, plan for failure that is. In business too people plan for failure and most times they do it unknowingly. Steer c Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!