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I believe customer engagement is the key to customer retention in a competitive market place. Here are three CRM strategies you can use on your Facebook page… Read More
Challenges abound for the small business owner, especially when his or her business is producing custom, handmade, or specialized products. In some ways it would seem that these entrepreneurs have an advantage over more conventional business — their product is more unique, for example, which you wo Read More
Here is what I call a gold mine of high potential ideas for startups that budding entrepreneurs can use to their advantage. Read More
For a startup that’s just making its way in to the market place, branding and brand building are two factors that tend to give business owners more cause for worry. If you own a startup and would like to make your mark, let me begin by saying that stop focusing on brand building. Sounds a bit too g Read More
Building a brand need not be a task that business owners should consider daunting and expensive. While you might have to spend some money to build a brand, I can assure you it need not cost a bomb. Here are 6 simple tactics that I have put together to help small business owners to build a BIG brand Read More
Have you always wanted to set up your own business but been deterred by the sheer volume of work involved? Do your biggest roadblocks read something like…How will I ever find customers? How can I write a business plan, I know nothing about it? I don’t have a big budget, how will I advertise and p Read More
The sheer number of people taking the plunge in to blogosphere these days is mind boggling. While some blog for visibility, others blog for fun but if you really want to stand out, you’ve got to carefully position yourself as a blogger and use the web as a platform to build a brand.

Here are 7 Read More
The unfortunate passing of Steve Jobs signals a great loss not just for the technology industry, but for the millions who were inspired by the various revolutionary products that we all now enjoy thanks to this great mind. Read More
In a market that is saturated with a milieu of products and services all clamoring for the consumer’s attention every marketers dream is to carve out a niche, retain and build his market share. I have never been one to go with the crowd and have always preferred to take the road less traveled whic Read More
A lot has been said and written about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and I am most certainly not going to tell you what you need to become one. Knowing what not to do is as important (if not more) a part of your plan of action if you want to succeed at just about anything, be it a g Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!