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A popular automation tool and framework for testing web applications and services, Selenium, is an open-source automation tool that delivers the functionalities of recording and playing the test scripts. To further understand the concepts of Selenium, check out our complete guide on the same. Read More
As we all know, test case and test plan are two significant components of software testing, as they define and manage the procedure of testing. Moreover, these documents, offer the testing team vital information regarding software testing and elaborate on various other important components related Read More
Manual testing is a process of finding bugs in a software application, which can be enhanced by the team if they follow a Manual Testing Checklist, prepared before the commencement of the test. This checklist helps the team in keeping track of errors and enables them to identify any deviations. fro Read More
The process of unit testing, which is used to test individual units/ components of a software product, can be improved with the assistance of a checklist, prepared before the commencement of the test. Therefore, here is your ultimate checklist to Unit Testing. Read More
An integral part of SDLC, Code Coverage, which is a white-box testing technique, measures how the code is executed during the process of testing. Moreover, it helps ensure that no line of code or area of the program is left untouched for the testing purpose. Read More
With the increasing demands of quality products, the need for an effective and suitable software quality model is also rising rapidly, as they are a standardized way of measuring software. Since there are numerous Software Quality Models, our experts have prepared a detailed comparison of all. Read More
Acceptance testing is used to check whether the developed software passes the accepted norms, defined on the basis of user or business requirements. In this article, learn all about the significance of acceptance testing as well as its types, criteria, checklist, Prerequisites, etc.
Read More
The process of test management is carried out with the assistance of test management software or test management tools, that are often multi-purpose and capable of performing multiple tasks, such as tracking, logging, reporting and incident management. Therefore, use our list of best test managemen Read More
Testers! Use our article to understand the importance of test execution tools as well as their basic principles, advantages, and disadvantages. Read More
The third level of testing, Gamma testing is used to evaluate the working of a completed software product with all the specified requirements before its market release. This type of testing is done without any involvement of in-house testing activities. Let us understand each of the aspects and com Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!