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Combinatorial testing is used to detect interaction faults caused by the combination of parameters. See complete article for the understanding combinatorial testing's effectiveness, benefits, along with the methods used in generating it. Read More
Agile testing quadrants are considered a tool that divides the whole agile testing methodology into four quadrants for arranging the testing types. Find out more about the functionality of these quadrants in this article. Read More
Globalization testing assists software testers in verifying numerous features and functionality of the software. It helps them to deliver a software product that fulfills the requirements of various global users and clients. Read More
Experience is that precious tool of the tester, which is always required in performing all types of testing. To provide reliable and effective results one must utilize gained experience in creating strategy and planning documentation. Read More
Use case testing is a functional testing technique which helps in identifying test scenario on the whole system. This article will introduce you to Use Case Testing and its advantages. Read More
Test data generation is an essential component of a software testing process and is used to generate a variety of test data using different types of test data generators. Read More
Formal Review is one of the important review techniques in Static testing. It helps in evaluating software’s compatibility with specifications and more. Read More
Learn how software validation ensures various critical aspects of a product and guarantees its success in the market as well as among users. With the assistance of this process, software engineers can meet pre-defined and specified business requirements along with the end-users demands and expectat Read More
W-Model is a variant of the V-Model which aims at overcoming all the shortcoming in the latter.

Identify product risks.
Presents SDLC with every stage mirrored by a test activity.
Assists the team to keep track of defects from the initial stage.
Learn about the different techniques used by t Read More
Test Bench is an important process that helps set up a virtual environment or platform that enables testing of an application's functioning, similar to that in a real-world scenario, to ensure its accuracy and correctness Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!