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With the help of this article learn all about backend or database testing along with its key points, types, etc.
#databasetesting #testingtypes #testingtechniques #softwaretesting #qualityassurance #qa #stlc #infographics"ols of backend or database testing here. Read More
Release Criteria comprises of a list of objectives that are needed to be accomplished for the success of software development. To further understand its significance check out our following #infographic.
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An e-commerce testing technique, payment gateway testing, evaluates the functioning and other features of the payment gateway system of an e-commerce website, to ensure effective transaction between the user and the merchant.
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The testbed is an environment where the correct blend of various components like operating system, servers, database, network configurations, browser installation, etc. are put to use to verify the accuracy of a product being tested. Read More
Acceptance Criteria is an evaluation technique that determines whether the intended product is working as expected. To further understand the concept of Acceptance Criteria, check out our #infographic, and get insight into its specifications, types, etc. Read More
Maintenance testing is a type of testing technique, which is performed on the software after its release, either during the enhancement stage or migration cycle of the already deployed software. Read More
An important part of software testing, Defect Reporting, communicate issues and errors found in the software to the developers and other stakeholders, to ensure transparency and clear communication between them.
Here is a list of things you need to include while creating Defect Report:
Testing C Read More
The process which is used to measure the total number of statements, check it is successfully executed in the source code or not. Actually, these statements define the statement coverage. Read More
An approach of performing #RegressionTesting over a software product, using a minimal and specific set of test cases available in test suites, is known as Selective retest. Read More
Check out our complete article to learn about software testing standards laid down by ISO(International Standards Organisation) and IEEE. These standards set a benchmark, and if accepted by organizations, shall prove to be a turning point in the way an organization work at present. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!