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Raising money for business based around delivering education on the Web is clearly going to somewhat easier with potential investors looking in that direction. Here's a discussion with the guys from Union Square Ventures about their interest in funding Web-based ventures designed to help "disrupt" the education industry. Though it's an older video this one definitely speaks of potential things to come. I'm hunting around for the transcript Albert Wenger said would likely be published from the "hacking education" event Read More
Would it surprise you to learn that startup activity in the U.S. is at it's highest point in 14 years even topping the activity during the famed DotCom boom? A report from the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity relates this very fascinating statistic and raises questions (at least in some minds) about whether we really need to use more tax payer money to encourage loans for small business Read More
As National Small Business Week draws to a close, we look back on highlights including these remarks from U.S. President Barack Obama. Obama talks about his administration's efforts to help small business grow through elimination of capital gains tax for some businesses and government funding to encourage more bank lending Read More
This podcast from Barry J. Moltz looks at the trend toward remote work or working from home (or just about anywhere else you can think of but the office) and the money it can save for both businesses and their employees. Not to make things appear too rosy, there are, of course, some negative aspects when it comes to life/work balance. (You can reach a point where you're sort of always working.) But there are positives too. Listen to conversations with Margo Day, Vice President of Small and Midmarket Solutions at Microsoft; Chuck Wilsker, CEO of The Telework Coalition and Alexandra Levit, author and columnist for the Wall Street Journal and decide whether a remote work arrangement might be right for your business.
Read More
Ok, so you've heard all about social media and how it can be used to promote and market your small business. But what can social media really do for you? It's a lot of extra trouble so can it really make a difference? Well, you may want to listen to the experiences of the 20 something small business owner of a business called the Orange Possum in Hampton, Iowa. Here is her story... Read More
This podcast interview with small business consultant Becky McCray talks about an issue that is often being preached when people about marketing business. Surprisingly, however, to this day few small businesses seem to realize how helpful it could be or how easy it is to implement. If you haven't guessed yet, you may want to listen to the podcast for yourself on Bigg Success Read More
Weldon Long went from a homeless alcoholic and ex-con to a successful entrepreneur running a 5000 Inc. company boasting $20,000,000 in sales. But his road was not an easy one. I found this story particularly inspiring and a good reminder of what is possible when suffering self doubts. It's nice to see someone else who's overcome even greater adversities to find success. Long has now written a book and is sharing his experience with others. Check out the full interview at Entrepreneurship Interviews Read More
Hit you prospects over the head all day everyday with non-stop marketing come-ons (spam really) they never really asked for. It's done on Twitter, in other social media, on blogs and in e-mail. It's called whack a mole marketing. And according to Chris Brogan, it's simply got to stop. Before all your followers unfollow you, all the people on your e-mail list block your submissions and you loose your entire community, have a look at Chris's impassioned plea Read More
Does your small business really need an SEO to manage your Web presence. This post from SEO Book running down the world's Top 10 best SEO's suggests that the best in the business probably aren't looking for work and those looking for work may not be worth the money. Apologies to any SEOs out there. Just read the article and leave your thoughts below. Read More
More than just a marketing tool, blogs and other online communities can be branded, developed, marketed and sold like a business or product in and of themselves. In this post and accompanying video Yaro Starak of Entrepreneurs-Journey explains how he created, sold, then bought, developed and sold multiple online properties and how you can too Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!