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The Small Business Administration now offers online small business courses as part of the so-called Small Business Training Network. The courses are split into seven subcategories, small business videos and small business podcasts. Check out this brief overview of the trainings and click through to discover more about the opportunities available from the SBA online. Read More
Will government stimulus help the economy? Sadly this link leads to the latest installation in an ongoing investigation about the distribution of the last round of stimulus funding. Want proof that business and politics rarely mix or that small business is on it's own rebuilding the economy? Either surprisingly or not depending upon the level of trust you already have in Washington, Veronique de Read More
As the recession ends and the economy begins to rebound, job growth becomes critical in order to stimulate growth. Too bad then, according to Dawn Rivers Baker, so few policy makers or other leaders seem to be aware of the estimated two million or more small businesses started in the last two years or have any idea what kinds of policies would actually help them or at least decrease the disadvant Read More
Few small business owners in the U.S. seem enthusiastic about the possible costs of a new healthcare law. But there may be some out there. The National Federation of Independent Business has assembled this predictably negative portrayal of healthcare costs. But how about it? Can we get a discussion started in the bizSugar community? Is Washington's belief that the law will actually make healthcar Read More
Will small business tax incentives lead to more job creation? Not according to this video from the National Federation of Independent Business. Business owners interviewed talk about what will really lead to increased hiring in small business, more sales coming in the door. What about you? Will tax incentives encourage you to grow your business or bring on more employees in a tough economy? If no Read More
If you've always wanted to offer the employees of your small business a 401(k), a new 402(k) program is being offered through Intuit. It's inexpensive and apparently easy to use so if anyone has experience with this package please let us know in the comments below. Read More
Tips for any small to medium sized business include getting focused. In an interview with Ben Goldhirsh, founder of Good, a company creating content for those interested in helping out globally explains how focusing on a mission and following it through to profitability is the key to success in this interview from "Small Business Rules". Read More
Tips from the strongest small businesses can help you survive. Not every business is struggling with the recession. Some are thriving, even growing, in this tough economic environment. What's their secret? Controlling cash flow is at the heart of their management strategy. Read More
There's lots of fear about the possibilities of considerable costs for some small businesses in the new healthcare legislation, and costs certainly will be based on what we've seen in terms of estimates of how the new rules will work. But one columnist says the healthcare law shouldn't put anyone out of business, just cost your business an awful lot more. Read More
Small business owners will lead the economic recovery. This is a column by one such leader who has decided to run his business leanly, manage his growth conservatively and is not much interested in government stimulus until business gets better. Reading his experiences may give even the most discouraged small business owner hope and the realization that you are not alone. But more than that, it m Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!