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I think we can all agree that content is important, some would even say that content is king! We’re constantly pummeled with articles about content. More content, more content. It’s overwhelming and frankly a little ridiculous.

The success of your website does not depend on the amount of keyword Read More
One conversation from that conference really stands out for me. In my talk I referenced mobile solutions and alternatives. I spoke about the need for responsive websites and other mobile solutions like AMP and PWA (more below). One of the attendees came up to me afterward and mentioned something in Read More
I’ve been reading lots of articles lately on rethinking website redesign. Many experts argue for a more agile approach with sprints based on user feedback and statistical website data. And they’re not necessarily wrong.

The problem is that many organizations don’t have an agile UX strategy or a Read More
A website is an important piece of your marketing and communications efforts. It’s your marketing hub. So, it stands to reason that your website needs regular checkups between redesigns.

A healthy website is a successful website. You want to keep your website fresh, engaging, and running like a Read More
You can’t create a great user experience without first understanding the user’s needs.

And when it comes to those “needs,” unfortunately, a lot of smart people just make educated guesses.

You can assume you know a user all you want.

But, we know what happens when you assume (you make an as Read More
I’m on the advisory board for our community’s tech advocacy group, Tech Frederick. Once a month we meet to discuss how to build opportunities, grow talent, and solidify a community for the tech industry in our town.

During one of these meetings, the chair of the advisory board, Vaughn Thurman, p Read More
Do you ever feel like the content production process is more complicated and difficult than it needs to be? You have a team of smart people who all want to get content out the door faster. Why isn’t it happening?

Or perhaps you have no trouble getting content posted, but you’re not sure how well Read More
In the first video of this ongoing series, we break down the basics of Responsive Web Design. At the end of this video, you should have a good understanding of this concept and how to best use responsive web design in your digital marketing efforts! Read More
Nontraditional domain extensions hit the mainstream when Google rebranded as Alphabet and chose the new domain name of

Nearly every article about the corporate restructuring focused on this element of their new brand.

It’s unlikely they would have gotten the same widespread coverage Read More
HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo, etc. are all powerful marketing tools. These are the marketing automation usual suspects. There are lots of different solutions out there to choose from.

What is marketing automation? Why is it so prevalent in marketing today? Marketing automation is as it sounds, you a Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!