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Employee motivation is a complex thing and something most HR professionals have struggled with at some point. If you’re wondering how to increase employee satisfaction, productivity, and, in turn, business outcomes, you’re not alone. Psychologists have long debated this topic, and their findings pr Read More
As an HR manager, you know a company is only as strong as its employees. Your employees are the backbone of your company. They are the ones who interact with customers, produce products, and provide services. In many ways, they are the ambassadors of your brand, and their interactions with customer Read More
At Process Street, we’re proud to rock process management. So much so, we try to encourage a culture of continuous improvement across all of our internal teams & processes. It’s even in our name. So how is it that our content team ended up using a process that was in pretty dire need of a […] Read More

Top 5 Employee Onboarding Best Practices

Top 5 Employee Onboarding Best Practices  - https://www.process.st Avatar Posted by zolachupik under Human Resources
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Employee onboarding best practices are the anchor to stop you from going adrift. Surely, you’ve had that sinking feeling? The one where you’ve invested in a super new hire, but it didn’t work out. When it comes to new hires leaving early, you’re not the only fish in the sea. Gen Z spends just over Read More

We Tried 50 Free Workflow Tools – Here Are Our Top 4

We Tried 50 Free Workflow Tools – Here Are Our Top 4  - https://www.process.st Avatar Posted by kahlua16 under Products and Services
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Business success is increased by 70% when an organization uses workflow management software. But that can only be achieved when using the right workflow tool. There are plenty of free workflow tools available – great news for businesses tiptoeing around the idea of process management. But while you Read More
Companies need to undergo change all the time. But when do slight improvements need to be made and when is radical change a necessity? That’s where process reengineering and continuous improvement come into play. Each is vital to the success of a company but can’t be used to handle the same set of Read More
You judge people all the time! But that’s okay, because we’re all guilty. This is specifically the case when we look at the workplace. Hiring managers make these snap judgments each day – and get paid for it. Our first impression of someone sticks. We’re then unconsciously looking for signs that co Read More
Workflow documentation shapes your processes and workflows. It’s where you create, edit, store, and keep an eye on your workflows. Read More
The psychological contract improves the employer and employee relationship. By using it effectively, you increase employee engagement and reduce turnover. Read More
If you’re on the fence about which business model to choose for your business, we have just the article you need to make a decision in line with your goals. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!