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3 Things Entrepreneurs Do

3 Things Entrepreneurs Do - Avatar Posted by Management Direct under Startups
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Carl Schramm, President and CEO, Kauffman Foundation picks on 3 things entrepreneurs do and they demonstrate in no uncertain terms the importance of Start-ups to economic growth, wealth creation and crucially job creation. Read More
I read an article about Tony Bennett on the weekend. At the young age of 85 he appears to be thriving in his career and enjoying his life.According to the article this success has not always been the case and here are a few marketing lessons we can learn from him and his career: Read More
Is your business success at risk? Ethics are usually the first casualty as Ego raises its ugly head. Have you begun to drift over to the dark side? Read More
Achievement is achievement. There are differences, big differences, among the people who achieve. Differences in background and range of abilities and desires. But the similarities are more important than the differences when it comes to understanding how they managed to achieve so much. Read More
Want to know how to do SEO easy? How to get 1,000s of one-way links to your site with only 20 minutes of time invested? Want to know how to cast a love spell? You can find all this advice on YouTube and it's about equally useful. Read More
While your content may be sound and useful, you may be boring your audience to tears. If you're failing to see click throughs on your links then maybe you should take a look at exactly what you're sharing. Read More
I don’t know and will leave the analysis up to those with expertise. However the competition between Google and Facebook is pretty fierce. It reminds me of the song by Irving Berlin Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better. Here are a few marketing lessons we can learn from their situation. Read More
In a world where the consumer can seem obsessed with price it is easy to get trapped by the issue of cost before we have had the chance to demonstrate quality. Sir James Dyson gives us the perfect lesson in how to demonstrate and compete on quality. Read More
Inbound marketing strategies like SEO are all about the content, but what if you have none? Well, you pretty much have two options. You can hire an in house content writer or outsource the work. Depending on the size of your company, you may not need to hire a full time or even part time staff memb Read More
17. Focus on procastinators. Early sales and promotions can be interesting, but ultimately they’re not all that big of a factor.
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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!