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Discover the advertising strategies on how you can create a top marketing slogan for your small business. Learn from this article. Read More
As if small business owners don't already face sufficient challenges in getting their ventures off the ground and running them in a tough economy, a report from Investopedia says small businesses occupy a "sensitive" area that is more likely to draw scrutiny (and possibly audits) from the Internal Revenue Service, just one more burden for entities government and economic leaders are fond of calli Read More
If you checked out the #smbiz Twitter chat a few weeks back you’ll recall we focused on mobile marketing for small business and entrepreneurs. As we discussed during the chat, this is going to get big in 2010. Read More
We've looked high and low to find the Internets best social networking sites specifically designed for small business, entrepreneurs, and startups. Here's the ultimate list! Read More has decided to allow developers to create applications for the Kindle, according to the New York Times. Next month, a beta group will receive the Kindle Development Kit that will enable them to create either “free applications, one-time paid applications, and applications that require a monthly subscription.” Read More
According to experts at, email marketing services take the lead in terms of cost-effectiveness. It's easy to understand why. To start, digital campaigns can reach people around the world for one low cost while direct mail campaigns require postage. Then, the funds saved on printing and paper might be too significant to ignore. Read More
The increasing noise in social media is getting louder and as that happens the value of the information decreases. What are some things we can do to filter out the noise and reap the benefits? Read More
Some clients just keep asking for a little more: a four page website design can turn into a design plus copy or even a design plus copy plus marketing. It often happens just a little request at a time, as the scope of the project creeps ever larger. Scope creep isn’t always an entirely bad thing, of course. As long as your clients are willing to pay for the work that goes along with a bigger proj Read More
What if you could finish a negotiation with a win-win solution? If you start with the goal of a mutually beneficial solution in mind and use an approach meant to get you to that point, it is possible for a negotiation to end with both parties happy. Read More
When you’re a one-guy or gal operation, you aren’t often in a position to hire a fact-checker, especially if blogging is just one part of your overall marketing strategy. But at least some fact checking is necessary for ensuring that you turn out reputable posts. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!