The Ultimate Guide To Customer Retention Strategy

Anybody who’s watched ‘The Office’ knows it’s 10 Times easier to keep a customer than to gain a new one, check out this guide to customer retention for improved revenue. Read More
There are many ways of attracting new clients - sales, gifts, cashback, etc. Uber, for example, was offering great discounts to first customers to attract them to use their app. Uber marketing strategy worked perfectly as well as many others. This article shares customer experience trends from 2019 Read More
Customer engagement strategies are key for any business to be successful, here are the best customer engagement strategies you should be using. Read More
Weddings drive an incredible amount of profits each year, given that the average ceremony and reception cost thousands of dollars. Amid all the planning, brides also need to find a place for guests to stay. Hotels can meet all their needs and more, but only if you establish a reputation as the best Read More
In the middle of 2002, the artist Pink released the song “just like a pill”. That was 18 years ago, and to me, that time has almost passed in the blink of an eye. Yet, when I reflect on it, there have been some big changes, especially on my favorite subject, Hotel Technology!

Back to o Read More
Patient retention can be directly linked to a person’s experience at a healthcare practice. Those who feel satisfied with their visit overall are likely to return, whereas people who have a negative experience might never come again. Here are four examples of good bedside manner that effectively do Read More
Access to cost-effect and innovative technology is shaping the modern digital customer experience for hotels.

Today will live in an era where brands create a digital experience offers that embrace customer experience and personalization.

As hoteliers, we have to be cautiou Read More
From spas and business centers to infinity pools and on-site fitness centers, today’s hotels lavish guests with amenities that make their stays comfortable and convenient. Once upon a time, a hotel restaurant was always part of this rota of must-haves. Now, however, many accommodations steer clear. Read More
All hoteliers know dining is one of the critical components of any successful lodging business. Hotels that provide breakfast, have an on-site restaurant or offer room service tend to reel in more customers.

However, the convenience that is food and beverage comes with a unique set of Read More
Do you have home insurance? You should know what all your home insurance covers or how many ways does it protect your house. Here are some aspects generally covered by home insurance.

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!