Community, Innovation, Creativity and a new Culture are all key components of why improved engagement rates and customer experience management will make Hotels more successful than ever.

If you have a Social Media presence (and who doesn’t these days?) as a Hotel, then you’ve probably Read More
It all boils down to customer experience. No matter what sector your organization belongs to, your primary aim is to make your customer’s experience delightful. But that’s only possible if you are able to come up with a fruitful strategy. An effective customer experience strategy helps to retain yo Read More
If you’ve been thinking about ways you can develop customer trust without spending too much and overhauling your marketing campaigns, you might want to consider what changes you want to make. Whether you’re a new company or looking to readjust some of the relationships you have your clients, custom Read More
Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand others’ emotions, empathize with those emotions and respond to them appropriately. But how does it apply to customer service?
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I don’t know what it is about a guy in the background with an evil grin that makes me happy.
I’ve done a few in the same vein: guy selling balloons has guy behind him selling “sharp little pins,” guy juggling bowling pins has guy in background with evil grin readying a bowling ball …
I think it’s Read More
One of the hallmarks of Customer Success is the relationships you get to build with your customers, and that’s the reason why the value of one-to-one communication is incomparable.

But, when your team’s dynamics keep changing and your customer base continues to grow, how do you keep up with ever Read More
A recent research report from Oracle Hospitality reveals some surprising results indicating that millennials craving an individualized experience have more trust in Hotel Loyalty Programs.

The research also uncovered a surprising divide in perception between how Hotels view loyalty pro Read More
As customers, we don't swallow the pill, so why would we dole it out from the other side? Lying might SEEM like the easiest way to solve a problem and string a customer along, but that's garbage and we know it. Here's a look at how transparency and honesty play heavily into the CS game, from first Read More
Make your customers happy, and keep them paying the subscription. This guide will teach you how to stop users abandoning your software before they’ve seen how awesome it is. Read More
What makes or breaks a business is a customer. However well planned, well laid out and executed a business idea might be, if the customer goes back unhappy then keeping your business afloat becomes an uphill task. Let’s have a look at ideas that can help you keep your customers happy.

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!