In the era, where older generations think in terms of hotels and car rentals, and millennials think traveling in terms of Airbnb and Uber, hoteliers can no longer serve the best interest of their guests only through conventional means. And that splashes of digitalization have also been felt by the Read More
Did you know that satisfied customers are more likely to pay more for your services? That's why customer satisfaction is so important for your business. Learn your customer satisfaction and investigate what products/services your customers need the most instead of thinking about ingenious marketing Read More

Join Userlane for a free webinar/interview with Principal of CS Leadership, Mark Pecoraro where we will hear firsthand insights on how to break barriers and exceed customer expectations with automation in customer success.

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What’s a hotel without guests? Not only do they lend the financial support your business needs, but they provide word-of-mouth advertising for friends and family members who travel, too.

As such, you want to bring in as many guests as you can. A hotel consultant makes it its mission to Read More
To get value for your money, consider the five factors above before hiring a transcription services company. Read More
These days, patients use online reviews to help them pick out their next mobile phone, plan their dinners out, and even choose their healthcare providers. Addressing negative feedback online is critical to providers’ healthcare reputation management. Here's how to best address that feedback! Read More
Is your hotel an adapter or a value innovator?

As an adapter, we look at something that exists to make it better and more effective.

With value innovation, we look at the differentiation and low cost in context with how to create new, unique values for both customers and t Read More
Customer success is one of the most important parts of any SaaS business model, and the onboarding process is where that success starts. In fact, the onboarding process can often mean the difference between early churn and a recurring long-term customer.
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Are you looking for ways to increase your profits? Here are four ways to increase profits by providing superior customer service to your clients. Read More
Website localization has been a crucial element for the companies who are dealing in online services and expanding their business in foreign markets. More than 25% of internet users speak English. This may explain why more than half of the websites online are in the English language. Through the ar Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!