Struggling to find a job using your more traditional online methods? This post discusses how you can use Google as an incredibly powerful job search tool. Read More
Susan Boyles, the overnight sensation thanks to Britain's Got Talent is a story being told and heard around the world. However, there is another story that isn't being told? Susan Boyles frumpiness masked her talent. And herein lies a leadership lesson. Read More
In recruiting, where much of the interaction is often between just two people, a recruiter and a candidate, it's incumbent on both parties to act with the highest ethical standards. If misrepresentations are made on either side and a wrong hire results, the impact in dollars and emotions is high - and entirely avoidable. Read More
Here's a great article about how to find the superstars who will grow your business, and well as how to retain your top talent. Great advise and very much needed in the current climate. Read More
The suicides of Irish developer Patrick Rocca and other high-profile businessmen show how the global recession can be particularly devastating to some type-A personalities. Read More
Humorous stories from interviews, job applications and appraisals Read More
It's a free ebook with 16 ways you can invest in your employees, and not spend a dime. Read More
The research of, a non-profit based in New York, has consistently shown that the top 25% of companies with the largest share of women Directors on a public-company Board beat the bottom quartile companies with a return on equity 53% higher. Read More
Though business litigation has declined in recent years, corporate lawyers predict that the frequency of suits may increase in 2009. The projected increase is likely to come from both a rising trend of wage and hour litigation and a change in federal law that makes it possible for employees to file disability-related lawsuits even if their disa Read More
What will Obama's election mean for small business healthcare insurance plans? 10 things to watch for. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!