If you constantly find yourself mired in stacks of safety forms and have difficult retrieving these forms when needed, then it might be a good time to have a serious look at an alternative to your current safety management process. Read More
This account of poor service could have been turned around to double the sale in a traffic-congested location. Read More
Bad attitudes abound in business. People are unhappy, unfulfilled, inflexible, stuck, and just not right with the world. It can become so bad that the workplace can become toxic. So, what do you do if you are working with someone... Read More
If other companies follow Mott's lead, it could lead to a deflationary outcome if workers' wages spiral downward Read More
It seems there is evidence to suggest that the Chamber of Commerce is guilty of being insensitive to the injustice women suffer when they perform equal work for less pay than men. This seems shortsighted in light of the many signs of an emerging upward trend toward feminine power in the world. Read the full article to find out more Read More
Lack of understanding about generational differences in the workplace can leave a small business owner clueless as to how to resolve the potential conflicts, performance issues and turnover it can cause. Read the full article to learn what small business owners can do to avoid these problems Read More
Your company will benefit from these tips provided by performance appraisal software firm Halogen Software Read More
Hiring decisions can make or break a business. Great hires can take a business to new heights: bringing expertise, enthusiasm and increased profitability. A terrible hire, on the other hand, results in wasted time, money and effort Read More
Generation Y has a different information and experience set than do older generations. How does it affect the way they live and react in society Read More
It looks as if small businesses with 250 employees or fewer may keep a UK exemption to a "right to train" rule that allows employees to take off from the jobs for additional training. As you can imagine, the regulation remains pretty unpopular among some segments of the UK business community. And if forced on small businesses, it could cause some additional problems. Adam Marshall, director of policy at the British Chambers of Commerce had this complained the rule would “provide yet another route to employment tribunal, allowing disgruntled employees an opportunity to threaten legal action due to paperwork and bureaucracy.” Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!