Employees are your most important asset in any small business. Learn some key considerations when employing people into your small business. Read More
People say “look for a problem inside yourself”. That’s a useful tip for the guy, who really has a problem inside. Sometimes, you haven’t. Every small business has problems and troubles. Sometimes – that’s not your problems. Lots of companies are looking really smart for the customer. Probably, the Read More
Guidelines to reduce your exposure to 'disparate impact' claims.One obvious risk resulting from terminations is individual employment actions asserted by employees who claim they were victims of unlawful discrimination. Business conducting layoffs may be particularly vulnerable to age discriminatio Read More
Tom Peters argues that the reaction to the problem often becomes more of a problem than the foul up would have been if dealt with honestly. Learn more at www.tompeters.com. Read More
If you are lucky enough (I know I am and I will explain you why) then your employees will sometimes challenge you with very different opinions from yours. I’m sure it happen to you too, at the last product release, marketing message or when deciding what’s best for your company. But first, why shou Read More
Highly advanced training for managers: The three laws of logic

Have you heard about the three laws of logic?

Thinking logically requires that you know all three.

The law of:
Excluded middle
Non contradiction

What do they each mean in practice? Let’s have a look...... Read More
Hiring freelancers is often a better option for small businesses. Having decided that hiring freelancers is the way to go, where to post your freelance jobs? Read More
Two metrics to gauge this that we follow appear to have leveled out or are on the decline. Do these findings impact YOUR business? Read More
Here are four of the most proven strategies, with specific practices under each that vary in terms of costs. Read More
5 simple ways to relax during your crazy work day. Follow these tips to stay sane while at work and still be productive. Eat, exercise. breathe, organize, move. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!